Does Norton 360 Version 6.0 Worth The Money?


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Aug 24, 2012
Symantec has released the newest and best in premium protection software – Superior security. Backup. Live Support. The New Norton 360. Now with our Norton 360 Coupon Code, you can save 20% Off with Norton 360 version 6.0 standard version or premier version, 1, 2 or 3 years subscription. See also Norton 360 Renewal Coupon Code if you want to renew your current Norton 360 subscription instead of buy a brand new version. Norton 360™ Version 6.0 – Comprehensive, easy-to-use protection for your computer, your identity and your files. It has all the protection of Norton Internet Security, plus backs up your photos and precious files and keeps your PC running at top speed. Key Norton 360 Technologies Effective protection from online threats Automatic backup protects your important stuff from loss PC tuneup 2 GB of automated online backup Parental controls management Online identity protection Phishing protection Smart firewall Network mapping and monitoring Pulse updates Antivirus Antispyware Antispam Worm protection Rootkit protection Bot protection Norton 360 Version 6.0 Review Symantec has a long-standing reputation of antivirus and other utility products for troubleshooting Windows and even MS-DOS systems. However, they are also infamous for later creating sluggish applications. This 6th major version of Norton 360 aims to restore Symantec’s image by making sure all of their security features work in a very friendly interface. Symantec refers to Norton 360 as an all-in-one security suite for average users. It has all of the features that are present in Norton Internet Security 2012 along with PC maintenance and file backup features. Pros/Advantages Norton 360 is more than just Internet Security Suite 2012 with backup and maintenance features layered on top. While the Norton Internet Security 2012 user interface should be easy for any frequent PC user to navigate, Norton 360 goes all out on the simplicity making it a more recommended purchase for average consumers. Usually when installing an antivirus scanner or security suite, the installation would be interrupted if certain malware are present. This isn’t the case with Norton 360 because of its “self-healing” capabilities when the installer is run. This feature works by sending a coded message to the Symantec website so the installer can retrieve a clean script that will cause the installer to continue properly. One of the new features of this 6.0 version is support for the Norton Management online service where you can easily manage any licenses installed in different computers online. It is easy to update licenses or troubleshoot configuration issues. Since Norton 360 has the Norton Internet Security and Norton Antivirus 2012 malware engines built in, Norton 360 did a wonderful job detecting a good number of malware. While there are some other products that detect a bit more malware, Norton 360 performed better in the removal process. It is also a superior tool for detecting and removing rootkits. Any fake antivirus products were effectively removed as well. When it comes to malware blocking, Norton 360 also managed to make sure that incoming threats were denied. The firewall feature has all of the essentials along with a nice feature that makes the PC invisible from the Internet by stealthing all of the ports. It also cleverly puts malicious IP addresses on a blacklist if a threat is successfully blocked. Norton 360 also has nice anti-phishing capabilities. In addition to relying on a database, Norton 360 can analyze the page’s code for suspicious data allowing the program to possibly detect some of the newer phishing pages. On the password side of things, there is a secure add-on called Identity Safe which has the basic functions of a password manager application. Cons/Disadvantages The parental control features are pretty nice thanks to its integration with Norton Online Family. Unfortunately, Norton 360 does not include the Norton Online Family Premier version which opens up advanced monitoring tools like application usage. Norton 360 is marketed as a complete solution so it would have been nice if the premier version was sewn in. Conclusion Norton 360 Version 6.0 has a powerful feature set that exceeds Norton Internet Security 2012 and even has a more accessible user interface. The backup and tune-up features are also welcome for any new user that wants to be independent from computer technicians. Norton 360 VS Norton Internet Security These two products from Symantec overlap to some degree. Norton 360 Premier is superior for families who use mobile devices, tablets, and computers equally. Norton Internet Security shines for those individuals who typically use their PC to connect with social networks with occasional use of a phone as a supplement. Which one is better for your situation depends a great deal on your personal habits. Both come with Symantec’s three decades of protective experience and extensive helpful database. Norton 360 is an all-one-security protection and is better than Internet Security, now with our Norton Coupons, you can save 25% off of both products. Scope of Protection Norton 360 is designed for the family on the go. If you use a PC, have smart phones, and use a tablet, then this suite covers them all. Cloud based controls means that parental guidelines can be applied across your personal network from any location. Meant mainly as a protective system, additional repair tools for infections (should something actually manage to slip in) might be required. Norton Internet Security is geared more to the individual user, covering PC use with smart phone back up. More of a traditional security suite then Norton 360 is, but still covers much of the same as the more mobile platform. Effectiveness Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security both scored 99.3% on the AV-Comparatives test. Reviewers state that Norton Internet Security is weaker on repair functions in their personal testing. Ease of Installation and Setup There are no specific issues reported with installation or setup from either product. Ease of Use The controls for both systems have a simple and an advanced interface. No specific issues are mentioned with either product on use. Features Norton 360 offers the following: PC tuneup Phishing protection Local backup Online identity protection Parental controls management 25 GB of automated online backup Smart firewall Antivirus Antispyware Antispam Network mapping and monitoring Worm protection Rootkit protection Bot protection Pulse updates Norton Internet Security offers the following: Norton Protection System with 4 layers of protection Insight Download Insight 2.0 Norton Safe Web Parental controls management Network threat protection Browser protection SONAR 4 Behavioral Protection Norton Safe Web for Facebook FREE 24×7 support Vulnerability protection Norton Identity Safe Anti-phishing technology Bandwidth management Norton Pulse Updates Email and instant message monitoring Smart two-way firewall Professional-strength spam blocking Network mapping and monitoring Updates Updates to both suites are handled by pulse updates which checks every 5 to 15 minutes for updated information to ensure your system is always fully protected. Help Support All Symantec products come with 24/7 help and support assistance. There may be delays to contact a live support person, as wait times average 3 minutes for chats, 6 minutes over the phone, and 24 hours for email support. These times are considered an industry average. The help is supplemented by user guides, help directly included with the suites, FAQs, a forum, and a virtual assistant. Incoming search terms: Malicious Code inposttitle:Analysis OR analyze Malware Rootkit Removal