Effective Pain Relief Herbal Treatment For Joint And Muscle


Oct 9, 2012
Experts are of the opinion that for many people, stiffness or pain in the joint can be the early signs of lupus and even, it can be a sign that a flare is awaiting to show up. So, when this sort of pain is experienced along with muscle pain, it is suggested to opt for pain relief herbal treatment. The reason is of course that herbal treatments do not cause any side effects and apart from providing relief for the main issue for which they are taken, they can cure many other related health issues as well. Safe herbal treatment: When talking about herbal treatment for joint and muscle pain, there are remedies that should be consumed internally and there are also external applicators. When both of them are taken for a stipulated period of minimum 3 to 4 months, the patients can find the relief. Such a combination remedy is Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil. Here are some details about these remedies: How can this combo work? 1. These two are uniquely formulated herbal muscle and joint support formula. 2. These two remedies are made out of proven and time-tested herbs that have gained worldwide reputation in providing relief for a number of muscular and joint issues. 3. The nutrients and herbs in these remedies have anti-inflammatory properties, not only for addressing inflammation, but also for addressing pain. 4. In this pain relief herbal treatment, all the herbs present in both remedies work in synergistic manner for controlling acute and chronic, muscular and joint pain. 5. Regardless of whether a patient is diagnosed to have rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or even other types of related disorders, this combo can provide excellent treatment for joint and muscle pain. 6. The capsules can promote healthy blood circulation to different parts of the body, while massaging with the herbal oil will help in relieving stiffness and pain in joints, thereby improving the movement of patient. 7. Just a gentle massage with Rumatone Gold oil will soothe discomfort by helping patients in getting the ideal relief that they have been looking for long. What does the capsule constitute? Rumatone Gold capsule is a multi-ingredient remedy. The herbs in these capsules have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, astringent, curative, carminative and pain relieving properties. How about oil? The oil is also made out of the extracts of healthy herbs in oil form and here is the list of constituents of Rumatone Gold oil to provide external treatment for joint and muscle pain such as Charota, Sesame seeds, Spikenard, Kesar, Gold thread, Bach, Malkangni and Shankhpushpi. All these ingredients present in both these herbal remedies work together to provide pain relief herbal treatment. Read about Herbal Treatment For Arthritis Joint Pain. Also know Arthritis Joint Pain Supplement. Read about Herbal Arthritis Treatment For Joint Pain.