Emergency Treatment Meant for Dental Problems


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Nov 9, 2012
A dental problem needs to be seen by the dentist, so that the appropriate treatment can be given. Going to the dentist for a scheduled appointment will help solve the pain or discomfort brought about by a dental problem. However, there are times when the concern needs to be attended to right away, even during times outside of a dental clinic’s regular hours. These are the times when emergency dental treatments are needed for dental problems. Emergency dentistry is needed in cases when there is trauma, severe pain, or bleeding involved. Dental emergency treatment is also necessary in situations when there is a high risk of infection involving the teeth, the gums, or any part of the oral cavity. In these situations, it is important to get in touch with a dental clinic that offers treatments and services even out of their normal clinic hours – so that long-lasting pain relief, first aid treatment, and prevention of infection can be given. Dental Emergency Conditions Severe Toothache – The extreme discomfort brought by a toothache is one of the most common reasons why emergency dental treatment is needed. These are the cases when the patient experiences pain so severe, that he or she becomes unable to do anything else in the meantime. Severe toothache can be caused by various reasons, including: food stuck in between the teeth and the gum line, extensive tooth decay, an impacted wisdom tooth, or gum problems. Emergency dental treatment will bring about long-lasting pain relief. Knocked-Out Tooth – A tooth may be knocked out due to an accident, or trauma to the mouth or face area. It is important to get in touch with an emergency dentist within an hour of the tooth being knocked out, because there is still a possibility that the tooth can be re-attached to the socket as long as the tooth is kept clean. Lost Dental Crown or Lost Dental Filling – Losing a tooth filling or a crown exposes the tooth to sensitivity and infection. Going to the dentist for an emergency treatment soon after the crown or filling is lost will prevent further discomfort, and infection from setting in on the affected tooth. Soft Tissue Injury – Injuries to the soft tissues (gums, inner mouth lining, inner cheeks, and tongue) and the lips often involve bleeding, which needs to be stopped to prevent extensive blood loss. Emergency treatment is needed especially if the bleeding does not stop after a few minutes. Kensington Dental Practice offers latest treatments in dentistry including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, anti-wrinkle treatments dermal fillers. Our treatments include Invisalign, orthodontics, ceramic crowns inlays, sedation for nervous patients. If you are searching for a dental practice using the keywords dentist London or Botox Kensington, visit us at http://kensingtondental.co.uk