EML to PST Converter: An Effective Solution to Migrate EML t


Aug 27, 2012
EML is the file format for saving emails messages by many desktop mail clients. Some of these mail clients are Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird etc. Users may come across a need to migrate EML to Outlook. In most cases, users consider this situation as an unsolved dilemma. But, EML to PST Converter is devised to convert EML to PST Outlook files. This tool always aims at user satisfaction. The only way to access the EML files to an Outlook profile is to convert the EML to PST. This enables the user to open, read and access the emails to an Outlook profile. Let’s see how the conversion of EML to PST is made possible. Methods to Convert EML to PST Using Outlook Express Direct conversion of EML to PST is not possible. In manual methods we need Outlook express as an intermediary tool. First, open EML mails with OE, move emails to specific folder for information store. This helps you to import EML files Outlook. The steps to import this moved files are as follows Open Outlook. Navigate through file menu then Open. Select Import Opt for Import from another program or file Use Internet mail and Addresses From there Select Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Windows mail Check or Uncheck Import Address Book if you need to import only emails text messages. Click Finish and close the window. The above method helps you to convert EML to PST indirectly. Here we need both mail clients Outlook and Outlook express installed in the system. Moreover there are certain limitations for this conversion procedure. Only one EML file can be converted at a time using this method. It consumes huge amount of time to convert multiple EML files one by one. So it cannot be considered as a reliable method for EML to PST conversion. An intermediary client mail, Outlook Express is required to carry out the migration process i.e. the EML files from Windows Live Mail or thunderbird can be migrated to Outlook only using Outlook Express. Moreover, the files may get corrupted if the size exceeds 2 GB in case of ANSI PST files. Sometimes the conversion process may alter the meta properties of the emails and also corrupts the attachments and images along with the emails message. So, we can say this is not a safer solution for EML to PST conversion. Smart Solution The EML to PST conversion using Outlook express is not a reliable solution to migrate EML files to Outlook. So, use any third party commercial wares to convert EML to PST Outlook files. EML to PST converter is an apt solution to carry out EML to PST conversion. The tool is capable of processing EML files as bulk and also preserves all the meta properties of the email message. It does not corrupt the PST files in any way. Moreover, file size doesn’t limit the capabilities of the tool.