Empowering Haitian Women and Children


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Sep 24, 2012
Haitian citizens were already suffering even before Haiti was hit by a massive earthquake in 2010. Problems relating to poverty, politics and population were inevitable. But when the unfortunate magnitude 7.0 earthquakes struck Haiti, it added more suffering to the native people. The people of Haiti are now in dire need of help as their infrastructures are not yet fully restored. The Haitians still live in camp tents, and the women and children are unsafe from violence and crimes. Basic infrastructures are still impaired like schools and hospitals. Because of the poor healthcare service in Haiti, the infant immortality rate is high and malnourished children are everywhere. Born and raised in Haiti, Gabriel Laine was inspired to help his homeland. He then founded the Caiman Haiti Foundation, which main goal is to rebuild the lives of the Haitian people. He started helping by going back to Haiti, bringing medical and educational supplies, where he spent his own $5,000 to help 500 people. Recently, he was able to help 1,500 people with his aid. Now, The Caiman Haiti Foundation is asking you to join Gabriel in his mission to help more Haitians thru “Securing a Change in Haiti” program. Donations from this program will be used to purchase medical supplies, food, and educational materials. It will also pay for the distribution of clothing and shoe donations and to establish an after-school program. In addition to financial support, we also welcome in-kind donations of school supplies; used computers (Pentium 4 or equivalent); projectors; DVD/CD players; classroom chairs and tables; learning/instruction books; t-shirts and pants for boys and girls 5-15 years old; sandals; and used cars. In-kind donations may be sent to the following addresses: Caiman Haiti Foundation                                                       Caiman Haiti Foundation 3401- 3403 Boston Road                                                       156 South 4th Ave Bronx, New York 10469                                                         Mount Vernon, NY  10550 Please understand that the Haitian people desperately need your help – they are literally at the brink of despair. Your generous support will give them much needed hope. As the Caiman Haiti Foundation continues its work in Haiti, we will send you periodic updates of our progress. On behalf of the Haitians and their families, we are deeply grateful for your support!