Engineering Jobs in India-an overview


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Nov 6, 2012
Engineering- the word sounds excellent at first instance but people who are involved in this sector are pissed dealing with the recession phase. According to the survey carried out by number of agencies, more than 70% of our engineering graduates are not employed. Also, it is mentioned that the graduates lack basic skills besides the academic and technical skills. If we look at the Indian education scenario, there are number of parents today whose want their wards to apply for admission in engineering colleges. It has however become the ideology of parents to let their child do engineering course rather than to opt any other field for higher education. Therefore with more percentage of people going for engineering courses, getting a seat has become extremely difficult for people. Engineering colleges in India are growing by all leaps and bounds and so are the engineering students looking for job in their prospective careers. The good prospect:
Engineering is an above average profession and civil engineers are no exception. The pay of an engineer is more from the employee of any other sector. Besides, Engineers in larger areas who work on more critical projects often earn more, as do engineers in management positions. Owning your own company is another way to earn higher pa
Civil engineering jobs include the task related to building and improving community infrastructures. They plan, design and monitor new building construction and improvements, rail and roadway projects, bridges, irrigation, sewer systems, dams and other physical structures. To get a civil engineering job, a bachelor’s degree is believed as standard, though management positions typically require a master’s degree. Engineers have the unique ability to combine strong technical ability with creative designing. They need to know the pros and cons of the building construction including electrical system, plumbing system etc. they also have to balance the safety standard with the proper delivery of water and sewage systems. All in all, engineers play a crucial role in providing the basis of city’s infrastructure To find best job opportunities in engineering sector, visit Jagran classified. The site is rooted with innumerous number of job related ads that are posted by the top companies and recruiting agencies across the country. Besides, jagran classified also ropes in ads from Dainik Jagran newspaper that means free classified ads that are posted in Dainik Jagran Newspaper can also be seen online on jagran classified. So, next time if you miss any of the ads in the newspaper, you can catch the same ad online.