Enjoying Food with Dental Implants


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Aug 23, 2012
Losing natural teeth brings about a number of significant changes in a person’s life. One of the biggest changes is the patient’s appearance; without natural teeth, the smile looks very unhealthy and unattractive. A smile with unsightly gaps will cause a person to look instantly older than his or her actual age. The embarrassment over the deterioration of one’s appearance is aggravated by difficulty in speech, jawbone deterioration, and the overall decrease in self-confidence. Another significant problem faced by those who have missing teeth is the challenge that meal times present. Those who have lost some or all of their teeth will find it very difficult to enjoy their food. Without the help of some or all teeth, biting and chewing of food can be a painful process; if done in the company of others, the pain is worsened by embarrassment. With the absence of teeth, the gums take on the responsibility of chewing or biting food. Gum tissue is not meant to cut food, and forcing the gums to do this role can lead to severe sore, and sometimes injured, gums. The pain of chewing and eating using just the gum tissue can take away any enjoyment a person may have while eating even the most delicious food items. Dental implants help in giving missing teeth patients back their enjoyment of favourite meals. The implants are placed into the jawbone and connected to the teeth restorations to restore the proper form and function of the smile. The teeth restorations are created to fit perfectly inside the mouth, so tasks such as eating will feel completely natural. Food can be savoured without pain and embarrassment of having to chew with just the gums, and meal times are more relaxed and enjoyable. Implants can also improve the enjoyment of food for those who use ill-fitting dentures. Removable dentures often come with a plastic part that covers the palate; this part often hinders the enjoyment of food because it decreases a person’s ability to fully take in the taste of the food. Dental implants and a fixed bridge can restore the smile’s proper appearance and function, replacing the role of natural teeth that have been lost due to a variety of factors. A dental implant treatment can significantly improve meal time experiences by allowing the patient to fully savour the taste of each morsel of food – without the removable denture part that covers the palate, prevents a person from fully enjoying the taste of food. A U Sheikh, founder of Life Dental Implants, is one of the UK’s most experienced dentists specializing in implant treatments. His unique approach to dental implant treatments takes into account not only your teeth, but your overall well-being as a person. Whether you are looking for cheap dental implants, dental implants London or just want to know dental implants cost, visit our clinic today.