Expect Adventure From Your Alaskan Cruise


Sep 5, 2012
When you have the opportunity to rent an Alaska small ship cruiser, you’ll find that you are in for an exciting adventure. Alaska offers a wide variety of adventures for travelers of all types. Do you prefer the chance to get onto land for some hiking or photo opportunities? Maybe you’re looking for a relaxing trip full of sight-seeing and great food. Either way, you’ll find that there’s a cruise for you. Click here to learn more about getting to know Alaska with a more intimate experience than on a large cruise ship. Read on to learn how to choose your cruise. When Is the Best Time to Travel? The first question you ask yourself is when you want to take the cruise. You’ll find that the best trips to Alaska are scheduled around seasonal happenings. The most popular months for cruising this northern state are from May to September. You’ll find that there are sometimes slots open during the second half of April. May and September often have lower rates, so you may want to consider packing some warm clothing and taking advantage of those less expensive reservations. If you’re interested in interacting with the locals, then earlier cruises are usually the better option. By the end of the tourist season, the locals are generally ready for tourists to go home. If you plan to stay onboard, then your discount tickets will probably be a great decision. What Do You Want to See? The next question to ask is where you want to cruise. Do you want to visit the Gulf of Alaska or sail through the Inside Passage? Although the title “Gulf of Alaska” doesn’t seem very exciting, this tourist route offers views of glaciers. Sometimes this route is given more descriptive titles like “Path of the Glaciers” or something equally inviting. This route might include the path from Glacier Bay to the Kenai Peninsula. It may include some on-land travel from Seward or Whittier to Anchorage. Inside Passage The second option is to enjoy the Inside Passage. This route travels along the Canadian border to the tip of the Gulf in the north. The Inside Passage protects people onboard the Alaska small ship cruiser from the rougher, exposed waters of the sea. The cities included in this cruise route generally include Juneau, Haines, and Skagway. You may also find Sitka on the itinerary. Why Travel by Small Ship Cruiser? Finally, you’ll have to ask yourself why you prefer a small ship to a larger cruise ship. Big cruise ships offer plenty of resort amenities and a very smooth ride. In fact, you might even forget that you are traveling by water aboard one of these behemoths. An Alaska small ship cruiser is often chosen by travelers who want a more casual, less crowded experience. This alternative provides travelers with the chance to get a closer look at the wildlife and natural environment in Alaska. You’ll have access to fewer amenities, but you’ll also experience the pleasant feel of the water beneath you. These ships can go places that the bigger cruise ships cannot fit into. You’ll get right up to the icebergs and waterfalls. Your visit with a humpback whale will be much more thrilling than the binocular-viewing from the window of a cruise ship. Click here