Experience Agra in a Day Visit


Sep 6, 2012
We welcome you to our beautiful city of Love called Agra. Agra – city of Taj Mahal “a monument of love”.Agra a name itself is enough to introduce this world famous city, and used to be the capital of famous Mughal Dynasty and world famous for his three world heritage site name Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fathepur Sikri. When want to travel India, this is the first choice for every tourist in north part of India.Everyone want to visit Taj Mahal once in their life, but some people don’t have time to plan the trip to visit this amazing piece of love and emotion. But now with Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Train you can visit all these three magical monuments of this beautiful city and enjoy the rich culture and color with delicious cuisine. In this trip you will start your trip from New Delhi the capital of India with a superfast train to Agra and then you start your trip with the first glimpse of Taj Mahal, enjoy your time at Taj a building which was built by emperor Shah Jahan in the memory his beloved wife name Mumtaz Mahal after when she died, which now become a symbol of love for the whole world, sometime the beauty of this magnificent building bring tears in your eyes, by thinking that could someone love his wife so much? Later on you can visit Agra Fort, a place where Mughal dynasty stay for so long and enjoy the incredible architecture of this building and then enjoy the delicious cuisine at the lunch. Agra itself also famous for handicrafts like Marble inlays also called Petra dura in Italian, carpets, Jewel carpets etc. so you can spend your day time in shopping and then you can drive to Fathepur Sikri to see city amazing town build by one of the world great ruler Akbar. Later in the evening you can come back to Agra to catch your train back to New Delhi. With this short trip you had wonderful memories from Agra. This trip is majorly for the business traveler who travel India and don’t have much time to explore India, so with this trip they get some beautiful memories from India-“Incredible India”