Export eM Client Emails to Outlook Easily


Sep 7, 2012
eM Client vs Outlook eM Client is popular known windows based email client that helps in sending the email messages from one system to another. It stores the files with .eml extension. It helps in managing the contact, calendars, tasks etc. It is exact counterpart of MS Outlook. As if we talk about import option, then it supports import from Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook and many more. It provides many features like user can add widgets and can also add skype integration, instant messaging, supports ICQ, MSN, Facebook chat etc. eM client has some disadvantages also. Users didn’t find eM client as attractive as it has roughly designed user interface. eM client is functional but hard to handle. The working of eM client is slow and it cannot properly display mail from apple mail clients. Because of this users wants to switch from eM client to Outlook. It also helps in sending and receiving the messages from one system to another. It is represented as .pst file format. It also supports many features like spam filtering and to block phishing attempts so that user can enjoy safe email exchange process. Why Export eM Client Emails to Outlook? MS Outlook is also one of the most popular Windows OS based email Application as eM client. Users also prefers MS Outlook as their default email application. Because MS Outlook is a default application of MS Office. So if you want to import your eM Client emails into Microsoft Outlook then remember that eM Client emails save in .eml format and Outlook used PST files to save their emails. So take third party……. But first know how to Export eM Client emails as .eml format, follow the link – http://www.birdiesoftware.com/em-client-to-outlook.html Keeping in mind, we have eM Client to Outlook Converter. This converter can easily converts eM client emails to outlook. Users can convert multiple files without any loss of data and also the file can be of any size, there is no limitation. Many features that are supported by Converter: It supports Single Conversion process. For single conversion process, “Single EML Folder” option is available that converts single folder in .pst format. It supports Batch Conversion process. For batch Mailboxes conversion process, Use “Multiple Folders” option is available that converts multiple folders in .pst format without any data loss. It supports Email Conversion with Attachments. It is possible to convert emails with attachments, but the conversion will not change the file format of the attachment, file format of attachment will remain the same and file format of email will be converted in .pst. For example, if the attachment in .doc, then the attachment will be in .doc, there will be no change in attachment file format after conversion process. Supports to maintain all the emails Rich-Text Formatting throughout the whole conversion process like text, body, font, layout, background, color, links etc. Preserves the attributes of metadata like time and date, send and receive of send receive, subject line. The software will automatically create new PST file, in which all the converted files will be save in that folder. Maintains the structure of folder during the conversion process. There will be no change in hierarchy of folder after conversion. There is no limitation in Outlook Edition. User can open PST file in any version of Outlook Edition. It could be Outlook, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and 2003. Runs on all the versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 10 and all other Windows Versions. Download the Free version of software from download.com – http://download.cnet.com/Birdie-eM-Client-Converter/3000-2369_4-76424132.html