Facebook has reached the peak of 1.44 million users


Aug 27, 2012
Mark Zuckerberg has earned the title of hitting the scoreboard of 1.44 million users in a span of one year. Yes! That is true. Facebook users are increasing day by day. India news live has come up with the fresh data news of the owner and its users. Surprisingly the profit has increased over one year and the revenue has reached its height. India news today believes the people are eating less, working less but surfing Facebook first. Sooner or Later, Mark Zuckerberg will reach the scoreboard of being the richest person in the world. Facebook has earned its revenue very slow over the span of 2 years Facebook has earned its reputation through 1.44 million users within the first quarter of the year and that too within one year. But, things aren’t the same with the revenue. Business news today has checked the scorecard of Facebook for the last two years; needless to say, the revenue profit is quite slow in terms of speed and earnings. The revenue has plunged just 20% in the last two years. The company has earned its maximum revenue through advertising over the last two years. Business news today is covering the present news, interviews of Facebook. The advertising has given its way through the revenue Facebook has given its way to the advertising. The truth goes with the fact that the advertising has earned them $3.32 million dollar over the last one year.  India news today has gone through the track record of the Facebook over the last few years. No doubt, Facebook is a very famous company in the present market. The percentage of users that have increased over one year is 13%. Facebook and its usage Facebook is covering the mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. Mark Zuckerberg is considering that the year has started on a very strong note. He is serving the community and connecting with the world on a very broader level. The usage of Facebook over the devices has increased over the last one year. The CEO is working on the present mobile applications and the mobile calling for the users. Facebook is, at present, the gigantic social networking site in the world of apps and social networks. Business news today is covering the application called ‘Hello’ which will help in android calling through Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg as a CEO The CEO of Facebook says that he spends 50-60 hours a week in office and that matches with other employees of his office. According to the business news today, the CEO has confirmed his words through a comment on his Facebook page. He claimed that all his life, he has remained focused and determined through spending the time on work and counting them. He says that, one can reach his goal, if he counts his time to reach his mission.