Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Supplement Calcium


Nov 1, 2012
Calcium is one of the most important mineral that should be included in your diet. However, most people do not get enough calcium from their daily meals such as pure milk. The catch 22 of it is that the body needs about 1000-1200 milligrams of calcium or else it attacks the bones. To avoid such, one can make use of the calcium products. The products are available as either food that has been fortified with calcium or calcium supplement. The latter can be bought over the counter or under the instruction of a doctor. Whilst buying the supplement, you need to determine a few things. One of the things that you need to consider is the cost supplement calcium. The cost should not necessarily require person with deep pockets. The price should be within your budget for a full dosage. The other thing that is very important is the availability of the supplement. You should go for the supplement that is readily available. This means that you can get it with ease in case you run out of pills. The right calcium tablets are the ones that have a high concentration of calcium. For instance, a tablet of calcium carbonate has a higher concentration of calcium than that of calcium citrate. Purity of the supplement is the other thing that has to be considered. A calcium tablets should have a label that indicates that it is purified. Some of them have a USP which stands for United States Pharmacopeia. You should avoid calcium that comes from some unrefined products. Such products include bone meal, oyster shell or even dolomite. For you to administer such supplements, you need to look for a purified label. This is because such calcium contains large amounts of lead and some toxic metals. Absorbability of the supplement calcium is another thing that has to be considered. Best calcium products are absorbed very easily in to your body. For a supplement that you are not sure about, you can check how well it dissolves in water for about thirty minutes. In case it fails to dissolve in the warm water within the stipulated time, then it is not possible for the supplement to dissolve in the stomach. Calcium products that are in liquid or the ones that are chewable are the best to choose. Vitamin D is one of the accelerators of these supplements. Hence, you have to ensure that you have high levels of these vitamins. Tolerance is another thing that one needs to take good care of. For a particular class of people, some supplements will have side effects like constipation and gas. You do not have to insist on such supplement calcium, just change and use another one. Another important thing is that the dosage should be increased gradually. Calcium interactions need be considered too if you are under medication. You need to consult the doctor on the implication of taking the two at a go because the supplement can interfere with some medication. For instance, calcium supplement interfere with iron. Resources:
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