Fingerprint jewellery – an unique gift


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Aug 20, 2012
Personalised jewellery can make a lot of heads turn or capture attention at many events such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers or even graduations, being such special and trendy creations. They can be perfect gifts, especially for the closest persons in our lives. And among these, nothing is more personal and unique than footprint, handprint or fingerprint jewellery. The art of making this special personalised jewellery is based on the combination of two great techniques, a modern and an ancient one: the scanning technology and the technique of wax casting. There are many people who think that fingerprint jewellery makes a wonderful gift. Persons who chose to buy this kind of gifts can also design their own jewellery starting only from a piece of silver. This wonderful and distinctive type of art gives people the opportunity to create unique gifts like highly personalised jewellery. For someone who loves jewellery and wants to keep at all times a little memory of the loved ones close to his heart, fingerprint jewellery could be the best option. This kind of personalised jewellery is as unique as the fingerprint itself is, because nothing could be more personal than the birth signature that each of us was gifted with by Mother Nature. This jewellery keepsake, besides keeping the beloved ones close to the heart, can also bring the person wearing it years of comfort and reinforcement regarding the relationships with each other. Fingerprint jewellery is usually made of silver or of a special clay, named precious metal clay, and is often used to immortalize the memories of the loved ones. There are many people that choose to emboss, along with their babies’ names, their babies’ fingerprints on the jewellery so that their tiny prints can be immortalized. The popularity of fingerprint jewellery is due to reasons such as: their uniqueness, their affordable prices, their potential of keeping the memories of our beloved ones close to our hearts and the advantage of being a great and a fashionable accessory. When it comes to fashionable personalised jewellery, fingerprint jewellery is one of the newest things. Not only does it make a wonderful accessory to almost all wardrobes but it is also an important keepsake people can always keep close to their heart. Parents, jewellery lovers and also celebrities are crazy for this new kind of personalised jewellery. All these great accessories are made by talented jewellery designers, who capture in silver or in precious metal clay the fingerprints of a person, one of the things that identify him or her. When it comes to this jewellery, people have many styles to choose from. Pendants such as classic, Gold Vermeil, double/triple/quad, organic button ones are more popular, but they can also find other beautiful and interesting pieces, with vary shapes. Among these, the most looked for are cufflinks, charm bracelets, key rings, slim bars and even earrings. Someone’s fingerprint, along with a name or another meaningful word or a date, engraved on pure silver or a special clay background, could be a gift as unique as its receiver is. The combinations of words and shapes could be endless. By giving personalised jewelery to someone, people can always receive appreciation, for being thoughtful and innovative, deciding to choose an unusual and also a special present. If you are looking for special Personalised jewellery visit us! Here you can buy trendy and quality fingerprint jewellery.