Fitness Jobs: The Positive Effects of Teaching Physical Educ


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Aug 20, 2012
Physical education in schools plays a vital role for teaching the children about the importance of physical fitness and overall wellness. The youngsters and young kids are known for their active lifestyle, and the job of the physical educationteachers is to guide the youth on how to maintain their good health plus the opportunity to be exposed in different sport activities that will improve their stamina and general well-being. More than this, teaching physical education in all the schools is also considered a great solution by the government for the increasing problem of obesity in most countries, including the United States. There are several studies conducted regarding the behavior of those children with less exposure to physical activities. According to research, a child who has less time to exercise and has no time for some outdoor activities is more frequent to be absent in school, because he is frequently to get sick. And if the child is less likely to go in school, this will have a big effect on his academic performance resulting to poor grades. Lack of exercise of a young child also affect his mood, thus sometimes involve in disruptive behaviors. With physical education in schools, the aim of the subject is to introduce the children to different individual and team sports as a start of becoming active and as a form of physical exercise.