Five Natural Treatments For Anxiety And Depression


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Aug 28, 2012
Anxiety and depression are the two most common mental health issues suffered by millions of people across the globe. All of us are susceptible to these two mental conditions at various levels almost on daily basis but as we grow up, we develop our own defenses against these mental conditions and learn to manage life without succumbing to the pressure of anxiety and depression. Therefore, these are not conditions that one needs to feel threatened about; however, these conditions do have the potential to debilitate and cripple us to an extent that prevents us from performing our normal day-to-day activities making us ineffective at work as well as with our personal life. Here are few helpful things that you could do to overcome anxiety attacks and getting over depression in a natural way minimizing the negative effects of these two delimiting mental / emotional conditions. Before trying any of the natural anxiety attack relief discussed here you should understand that not all methods to overcome anxiety attacks would work equally well for everyone, what works for one person may not be all that effective for the other person. It is therefore important to identify anxiety attacks relief that work for you. It is also important to understand here that these suggestions to get over anxiety are not to replace professional attention that one might require from a mental healthcare provider depending on their personal condition. #1 When you experience anxiety symptoms try to divert your mind onto something that you like to do; it could be one of your creative hobbies, listening to music, painting or reading your favorite book. It really does not matter what it is as long as it is creative and not self destructive in any way. #2 When you are under the spell of anxiety and depression, try to learn something new so that your mental resources are called upon to focus on learning the new skill rather than focusing entirely on the negative feelings. Try to enroll for some weekend classes, keep it light and choose something that you will enjoy doing. You could even try to learn a new language to stop depression from eating you away. #3 Meet with your old friends or talk to them over the phone. You could either visit them or invite them to your place. If you wish, you could even organize a jewelry party, an interesting way to distract yourself and to get over anxiety. #4 This could be a good time to pamper yourself, visit a spa or get an appointment for aroma treatment. #5 Ensure that you are eating healthy food. Give yourself nice treats do not worry about gaining weight or taking in too many calories. You can work on your weight later, what is important for you to focus now is your mental well-being. Be gentle with yourself at least during this phase. You could tighten the belts once again and return to your rigorous dieting plans once again later. Try to employ as many natural remedies as possible simultaneously and the idea here is to simply overpower the negative feelings and for that you may have to put in some extra efforts initially to get your anxiety attacks relief and to stop depression. Jack Harrison is the author of this article on cure anxiety attacks. Find more information, about the linden method here Incoming search terms: great-depression