Five Tips that Help You Find Time for Exercise


Sep 14, 2012
Only about 30 percent of adult Americans report that they have regular physical activity during their leisure time; and about 40 percent of Americans say that they don’t have leisure-time at all, to do the physical activities. All in common agree on the fact that regular exercises help the person in terms of health and long life. But, most of the people do not focus on exercise. The most common reason people give for this is that they, “do not have the time”. Lack of awareness also puts regular exercise at a lower priority. This article may help you change your priorities and find time for exercise. Tips to find time for exercise 1. Wake up early If you wake up early, you will be adding more time to your day. This provides you the opportunity to find time to do exercise. It’s not really hard to wake up a little early that you are used to. It is little bit hard until you get habituated. Afterwards once you feel the difference and the gain you will have more of a reason to continue waking early and doing exercise. There are many benefits in waking up early and doing exercise – you will feel more energetic and fresh for sure. 2. Limit your time spending on TV Online Track the time you spend on TV, online mobile games for a few days. Then you will come to know how much time you are spending on those things. Then, try to limit the time you are spending on TV online, for example: if you are spending 3 hours, reduce by 1 hour and assign that to exercise. You don’t really need to sacrifice your joy anyway. 3. Cut down low priority things from daily and allot that time for exercise For most people who cannot find time, it is not really about time, it’s about the priority they are giving to exercise. If you feel that exercise is more important and shouldn’t be avoided, then you can adjust the time for it. Make the list of things you do daily. Divide the items into following 2 categories: Important things that are highly essential to you (Job, Family) Enjoyment/Less Important Activities (Movies, Parties) Try to include exercise in the list of important things. Then, you will automatically find time for exercise. 4. Stay motivated by the benefits Motivation is the best way to find time to do something. You might know that exercise has many benefits. Always keep in mind that the exercise will protect you from many health issues, keeps your body in shape and boost your brain power. Once you start doing exercise regularly, you will get motivated by the changes in the body. All you have to do is, go to gym regularly and maintain the motivation and fitness cycle. 5. Socialize at Gym This is one of the best passive motivation to find time for exercise. We don’t need any motivation to spend time with friends. Find some friends at gym. As you do workouts with friends, you can enjoy the workouts without feeling it as hard. This also motivates you to go to gym regularly, to meet friends. Hope the above tips will help you manage time to do exercise. If you still do not get motivation to find time to exercise, read the following quote by Edward Stanley, a British statesman – “Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness”. Take this quote and paste it somewhere in your room, for sometimes fear motivates better than anything else. CrossFit Outbreak, CrossFit’s affiliate in Brooklyn is offering coached group strength, endurance, mobility and yoga classes. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. If you are looking for an athletic club in Brooklyn, CrossFit Outbreak is the right choice for you.