Gastric Bypass Surgery vs. Diet and Exercise


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Aug 27, 2012
Gastric Bypass Surgery is a quick and effective way to get rid of the obesity. It works in two ways: it reduces your stomach size and bypasses a certain length of your small intestine; this ensures that you reduce your weight from the very first day after the procedure. However, as doctors say, diet and exercise can also benefit you a lot, but you have to wait a little longer for that. A dietician will chart out a diet plan that is exclusively made to meet your needs. The plan will take care of your daily intake of calories and fat. It is to be noted that a surgical option, like gastric bypass surgery is only recommend when the traditional ways – diet, exercise, medicines – fail to help you with your obesity issues. But, you will also be required to adopt a healthy lifestyle – a diet low in fat and daily exercise – to sustain the benefits of the surgery. This means, diet and exercise are an essential ingredient in a weight loss program; surgical solutions only speed up the process. Post a weight loss surgery in India, you may have to learn new eating and drinking habits. This means you won’t be eating and drinking the same way you would eat and drink before the surgery. You’ll be eating in small proportions; and with the newly formed small stomach, you will be eating a lot lesser than earlier. Your doctor will share a diet and exercise plan with you to speed up your recovery. Sticking to the plan will also ensure that you get the most out of your gastric bypass surgery, and see the complete results in a matter of months. Put simply, diet and exercise might not help you get the desired results in your desired time period; a weight loss surgery in India can help speed up the weight loss in you. However, you need to talk to your doctor to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the surgery. Your medical history and general health status will play a big role in your chances for getting surgically treated for the obesity. The big thing, however, is your commitment to quit smoking and drinking (or to limit them) after the procedure. Remember, surgeries come with a set of complications; so you better talk to your surgeon and understand the possible complications that may arise during and after a weight loss surgery. You must select a reputable hospital and experienced bariatric surgeon for the gastric bypass surgery. For that and more on obesity weight loss surgery, kindly visit this website, Incoming search terms: gastric bypass vs exercise