Gboxapp: A Wide Range Of Functions And Features Easy To Use


Aug 30, 2012
Wouldn’t it be great to have a single interface for accessing many of the great tools or functions you want to use as you surf the web? Fortunately, it’s possible through Gboxapp, an application designed to offer a comprehensive range of features and functions in an easy-to-use interface. Also known as GadgetBox, Gboxapp is an application designed to incorporate various tools and features that make Internet browsing easier and more enjoyable. Gboxapp features a number of productivity tools or gadgets. There are many of these preinstalled. You may not be using all of them but you are likely to find a few of them quite useful. These gadgets include an advanced calculator, a calorie counter, currency converter, world clock, age calculator, thermometer, a live world market watch widget, countdown timer, and a “delayed cost calculator” for estimating the possible losses associated with professional project delays. There are more gadgets expected to be added soon. Gboxapp also features a number of games and entertainment gadgets. These include the popular Sudoku, chess, Pacman, and Tetrix, a game based on the classic Tetris. The app also includes a gadget that generates random funny quotes spoken by famous people or celebrities. Additionally, it comes with an “all-knowing widget” called Magic 8 Ball that offers answers to various questions. It acts like a virtual psychic or guru. All of Gboxapp’s gadgets require Adobe Flash to run. As such, you need to have the Adobe Flash plugin installed before you can use any of the gadgets. It is recommended to use the latest version for better compatibility and to avoid running issues. It is regrettable, however, that Gboxapp has been tagged as a virus or malware. A quick search on any search engine will display a number of web pages that provide information on how to uninstall the software because it is allegedly a virus carrier or is an unsafe software. This incorrect impression has to be corrected. Gboxapp is a safe and useful application that offers great features. It does not damage computers or cause problems on whatever system. Moreover, it comes from a site that bears a McAfee SECURE seal. The unfortunate association of Gboxapp with viruses or malware mostly stems from the lack of understanding of those who have tried using the app. Everything that the app comes with is presented to the user upon installation. Nothing is being secretly installed. The app does not carry viruses and spyware.Most updated antivirus programs are not going to identify Gboxapp as a threat. Moreover, the app has been tested not to cause any significant changes in a computer’s performance. It is a small and light application that offers interesting features. Gboxapp is an application worth trying. It does not come from a popular software developer but it packs enough features and functions to make it enjoyable and fun to use. This malware-free app can be a great companion while surfing the Internet or doing other computer tasks. However, if you think the app is not good enough for your needs, you can always have it uninstalled just like any other regular program. Incoming search terms: As USB flash drive is getting larger space with cheaper price more and more people take USB as an important data storage device to store and deliver their photos videos documents and more files Plus its portability and easy uses the USB flash drives have