GBoxapp: Making Life Easier for All of Us


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Aug 28, 2012
I use my computer a lot and most of the time I go online to do various things. While my computer has some applications that are useful, other tools that I need can be found on the Internet. It is very convenient nowadays to get the apps that you need to use and most of the come for free. The only hassle is, a lot of the programs can only be accessed individually. Meaning, for every application that I want to use, I would need to open a new tab on my web browser for it. Then if I wanted to use something from my own computer, I would also need to remember where it is located in order to access it. This is why GBoxapp eliminates all that trouble. Learning What GBoxapp is At first, I had no idea what GBoxapp was all about. All I was trying to do was minimize the amount of time it would take for me to find the apps I needed to use and reduce the clutter on my computer screen. So as I was surfing along, I came across the GBoxapp website and I was astonished at what they had to offer. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything seemed too good to be true. All the applications that I usually use when I go online were available in a single application. Unbelievable was the word I was looking for. Then, to make things even more ridiculous, GBoxapp is offered for free.  Of course, I wanted to give it a try anyway so I downloaded it onto my computer and followed the instructions for installation. Apps Made Easy Once I had the Gboxapp in my computer, everything became easier. It had tons of features and applications which I could access from a folder on my desktop. No longer did I need to open a new tab and Google for a specific online application as I already have what I need with me. Among the popular applications in GBoxapp include the calculator, currency converter and the world clock. However, it also has features that are very important such as the world market watch app, a delayed cost application which computes your potential losses and even a calorie calculator. What’s more is that GBoxapp also has games such as Pacman, Tetrix and Sudoku! Virus Concern One thing I have noticed in the online community is that many things have been said about GBoxapp which were not true at all. One of those is that the app contains viruses and will only harm your computer if you download the installer. The fact is, GBoxapp is one of the purest applications you will ever get to download for your computer. Not only is the app free from viruses, but I was also made to feel at ease just by looking at their website alone. It has daily antivirus protection that is done by McAfee and Norton, which as everyone knows are a couple of the biggest names in the antivirus industry. Incoming search terms: articles on gboxapp