Get Rid of Termites inside Your Homes


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Sep 3, 2012
Termites are one of the most destructive household pests. Though they won’t destroy your house overnight, a colony of termites, if left unnoticed can cause considerable damage to your property. Termites eat cellulose that is mostly found in plant matter. Wood is rich in cellulose, making them a favorite among most types of termites. Even your wooden furniture, walls, and your house’s foundation are not safe from termites. Getting the help of certified home inspectors can help you determine if your house is free from these wood eating insects. Home inspections are done to ensure your safety and your house’s integrity and condition. A certified home inspector can inspect some of the spaces inside your house that are not usually exposed to sunlight or fresh air. These conditions are a perfect breeding ground for most household pest such as cockroach, Black Molds and termites. Certified home inspectors can also check your house’s exterior whether there are termite’s nest nearby or there are some factors like pile of firewood that can attract termites and other wood destroying insects. If a termite problem is found, a certified home inspector can give you a professional opinion about hiring a termite exterminator and replacing the destroyed portion of your house. He can even give you some handy tips in keeping your houses free from termites such as applying wood preservatives on your house’s wooden components, removing obstructions to keep fresh air and sunlight into your house or removing some of the objects outside your house that can attract termites. Do Home Inspectors treat termite infestation? A certified home inspection does not cover termite extermination. A home inspector’s job is to look for any objects or organisms that can endanger the inhabitant’s safety and health. These dangers can be anything from black molds, faulty electrical wiring, worn out components, and checking different systems like your electrical, water and heating systems. Expert home inspectors like the Certified Home Inspectors of South Bay Home Inspections can also conduct inspections in some of the hard to reach areas of your house in order to have a clear idea on your house’s real condition. These areas include your attic, basement and some of your crawls spaces. Coincidently, these areas are the most prone regions for termite attacks. Many wooden parts of your house are located in these areas. What your home inspector can do is give you an assessment of the damage, advice on removal or repair for the damaged portion, suggest a termite control company and give you advice on how to stop the spread of the infestation or how to prevent future attacks. Common Termite Treatment for your House There are a lot of pesticides and other anti termite products in the market today and these makes it very enticing for home owners to jump on board and buy these products. But you have to realize that most termites, particularly the Subterranean termites that are the most prevalent termite species in the US, lives underground and buying these so called termite busters might not be enough to solve your termite problems. The best you can do is to follow the advice of your home inspector and hire certified termite eradicator. These people can eradicate termites by placing poisoned baits or by conducting soil termite treatments. You can also ask your certified home inspector about physical barriers that prevent termites from reaching your house’s wooden parts. Los Angeles Thermal Inspections