Getting An Associate’s Degree? Here’s Your Check


Sep 10, 2012
Forget spending a lot for a bachelor’s degree, you can get an associate’s degree for less and improve your chances of getting a great job. An associate’s degree is one of the ways of getting good education without the expensive price tag at the same time finish the course faster compared to a bachelor’s degree. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, associate degree holders earn on the average $785 per week. Compare this to high school diploma holders who only earn about $652 per week on average. The difference is about $400 per month more for associate degree holders. While getting a bachelor’s degree gives the learner bigger income potential, the costs and the time you need to get a bachelor’s degree can be staggering. An associate degree holder can get a job faster and possibly save that he/she can use to pursue a bachelor’s degree in the future. There is no standardized curriculum in the United States compared to other countries. Other countries have standards which makes requirements for the completion of a course the same on all educational institutions. However there are common grounds that all institution share and here is a basic checklist that you can follow. Application requirements. The basic application requirements for an associate degree may include payment of application fees and filling out of application forms. You may also need to send in a copy of your high school transcript of records and it may include your GED scores. There are certain schools that may need to see any standardized test scores that you have taken. While this is not a requirement in most schools it pays to check if the school you are interested to enroll with has this requirement. There are also placement test scores that will be administered by the school to show your proficiency. Testing requirements. Testing requirements may not be applicable to you in certain institutions. If you are a foreign student seeking to study in the United States and earn an associate’s degree you may need to furnish the school with a copy of your IELTS or TOEFL results which demonstrates your ability to speak English. Meeting with a counselor. According to you may need to check with your high school counselor to help you with things that you need to pursue studies to earn an associate’s degree. The counselor will help you determine the things that you may need to improve your chances to be admitted and also other requirements such as finding student aid, course descriptions and even information about subject availability and information about the school among others. Register for class. In the event you get into a class. You may need to formalize your enrollment through registration where you will get listed in the class and will be eligible to get some credentials such as ID cards that you need in school. Check for more information about the requirements in your institution. There are varying requirements and the ones listed above are just the common ones. The requirements that you need to accomplish to earn an associate degree will depend on the institution that you will enroll with. Degree in USA – An Online Source to Get Associates Degree in USA. Find Online Associate Degree Programs from best colleges and Universities in USA. Incoming search terms: degree in the usa