Golden Triangle Tour The Unforgettable Tour of India


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Aug 28, 2012
Tiered of working in the offices, busy schedule, work burden then take a break with all that tensions. Plan to travel to that part of the world which rejuvenate your body and give you peace of mind and introduced yourself to a different atmosphere and culture and the name of that piece of land is India or Incredible India, also called land of diversities with wide range of colorful cultural, traditions, languages etc. Once you will travel to India, then you came to know about it, that is not just a land of snake charmers but the land who tell you how to live your life in order make yourself free with all the stress and tensions. Here you have all the things to experience what exactly you want to do in your real life. If you are fond of ancient architecture and culture and have short time then you can pick the Golden triangle tour which includes the three major cities of India – Delhi – Agra – Jaipur. This sector is also very famous for photography lovers, where you get different site, peoples and scenic beauties to capture in your cameras. In these three cities you can visit the sites from ancient, medieval and modern time. With this short trip you can easily get an idea of India cultural and tradition. One of the most attractions in this tour is the monument built by one the famous Mughal ruler in the memory of his beloved wife after when she died. This is now become the symbol of Love or also a monument of love Called Taj Mahal (Crown Palace). With this you can get an idea how much a husband loves his wife even after she died. He showed his all eternal love in building this monument, which still lies in front of us to show the love spreading in the air. Not only this city but the city Jaipur also attracts you toward his beauty and this city is also called Pink city, which indicates the hospitality because in India we serve ‘our Guest as a God’. After this small trip of all these three cities, it will bring more curiosity in your life to know more about this amazing piece of land, which brings you back to this nation many times to land of 33 million God and many more things.
In end people fall in love with the culture, tradition, hospitality of this country and becomes the member of it forever.