H1B Visa Overview and Requirements


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Oct 8, 2012
Most of the IT professionals applying H-1B visa to get a job in the United States. The applicant must qualify the USCIS and DOL rules and regulations to qualify H1B visa. If you have experience more than 12 years, or minimum four-year bachelor of degree holder, or you have high skills in master degree in the US Universities and working as a part-time worker or two years equivalent bachelor degree holder and have six years experience, most of the cases you have high possibilities to get an H1B visa. The main qualification is the applicant must have high skills or experience in the architecture, engineering, health, legal or medical fields. Every year most of the foreigners especially IT professionals applying higher skilled H-1B visa, every year increases the applicants. This visa allowed to enter into the United states for temporary work for three years, then extend to another three years. The H-1B visa holder’s dependents also eligible to enter into the USA with dependent H4 visa. This non-immigrant visa has numerical limits, every fiscal year the USCIS granted 65,000 visas for foreigners. If the visa applicants crossed this numerical limit, elect the applicants by using a lottery system. Of course this fiscal FY 2013 the USCIS get 124,000 visas approximately, so the applicants elected through a lottery system. Requirements and limitations: Of course, this visa process is not easy require many approvals to get it. The applicant not eligible to apply for an H-1B visa, the company’s sponsorship requires to participate in the H1B visa program. The proper educational qualifications (Bachelor degree or equivalent degree holder) or above-mentioned experience qualifications with proper documentary evidence must enclose with the H-1B visa application. The valid passport, i.e. The passport must have six months validity. The offer letter to DOL approved forms signed by the sponsored company, these original approved (I-797 form) letters must enclose at the US consulate. The sufficient funds to stay in the United States required, so attach last six months bank transaction statements with sufficient funds in the bank account. The applicant must submit the visa application through online and take a print of the completed PDF file. This pdf file has a bar-code number take printout and come to the local US consulate office according to the mentioned appointment date.
H1b visa process After three years, the H-1B visa holder can benefit of the “dual indent” visa, i.e. This visa allows to apply a permanent resident and applicant can stay in the United States for a temporary period. No restrictions, the H1B visa holder can purchase any lands, properties and luxury house, but pay the tax properly. Of course the Social Security number track all activities what you have done, if any illegal activities the DHS can cancel the visa and bring back to the home country. The document process is too critical to get a work visa. The New York Immigration attorney simplifies the H1b visaH-1B visa process document process and obtain H1B visa. Incoming search terms: h1b articles