Health benefits of extra virgin olive oil


Nov 1, 2012
Extra with low fat and extra nutrition Olive oil is being prescribed by many physicians and doctors for cooking purposes. This enhances the quality of your food and also lets your digestive system relax and work properly. The nutritionists always recommend having your food cooked in olive oil and not in other edible oils. The extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the olives and is refined very well to get the purest form. You will find the extra virgin olive oil at any departmental stores very easily. Let us have a look at the benefits of cooking regular meals in extra virgin olive oil. Thereafter you can make a decision about purchasing the oil and using or not using it forever. Healthy extra virgin olive oil for cooking Though it may not sound music to your taste buds yet the extra virgin olive oil has a lot of Benefits which make it worthwhile to go for it. Here are few health benefits which you get from the healthy olive oil: Healthy gut and intestine- You will definitely get a healthy gut because of the quality food that goes into your stomach without any unhygienic oil. Healthy heart and unblocked nerves- The extra virgin olive oil is in the purest form and this is why it will enhance the food quality with the little use of the same. So, you will not have to worry about your heart or nerve blockages. Good eyesight- Olive oil has been proven to be the best for good eyesight as compared to any other edible oils. No digestive problem- There would be no doubt that extra virgin olive oil is the best of all other oils for a better digestion every day. Energizes body and mind- Besides the above-discussed benefits, extra virgin olive oil also give you energy and increases your concentration power as well as retention capacity. Thus, these are few benefits of using the extra nutritional virgin olive oil. Since it has very little calories-The Dietitians and the doctors too recommend the hospitals to have the food cooked in olive oil for the patients and for the staff as well. The medicines prescribed by them work well when the food is cooked in Olive oil. The olive oil can also be uses in the raw form on salads or vegetables if you are not able to cook the food. for more information about Health care and Fitness, visit website Incoming search terms: extra virgin olive oil health benefits