Herbal Remedies To Increase Hemoglobin In Blood Naturally


Sep 20, 2012
Oxygen is the important element needed for sustaining the human life. If the different parts of the human body do not get the healthy oxygen supply, there are chances of issues like brain damage, organ failure and the result will be nothing other than death. The work of taking oxygen to the different organs of the human body is taken care by the iron-containing respiratory protein known as hemoglobin or Hb present in the red blood cells. The level of hemoglobin, which is measured as g/dL or grams per deciliter, is the indicator of the ability of the blood to carry iron and oxygen. This is why maintaining a healthy hemoglobin level is highly important. If an individual is diagnosed to have lesser hemoglobin content, he/she can opt for herbal remedies to increase hemoglobin. Herbal remedies: As most of us know, herbal remedies are safe to use and they do not cause any side effects. When it comes to herbal remedies for increasing blood count or hemoglobin level, the remedy called as Herboglobin capsules can be of great help to men and women. How are Herboglobin capsules effective? These capsules are stated as the ideal herbal remedies to increase hemoglobin due to the effective ingredients that play a major role towards improving not only the blood count, but also the overall health and fitness in men and women. Here are the details about some herbal ingredients found in this multi-ingredient herbal remedy: 1. Saffron is an important ingredient that can increase iron content in the body. Iron is a useful component in the body as blood needs it for formation of hemoglobin. This is why kesar is added in Herbaglobin capsules 2. Lauh bhasma is another ingredient, which can help the human body in the formation of red blood cells and it, can bring about a natural improvement in the hemoglobin level. 3. Swarna bang is generally known to be effective in addressing iron deficiency, which is an important factor contributor towards lower hemoglobin level in the human body. 4. Shudh shilajit, in addition to increasing hemoglobin level can also play a major role towards reduction of blood glucose level as well, which the problem commonly faced by diabetic patients. 5. Ashwagandha can play a major role towards improving RBC count and hemoglobin level as well. This herb is otherwise called as a blood tonifier as well. 6. Godanti hartal is a rich source of calcium and it can strengthen the bones. 7. Gajwan is another ingredient that is known for its antioxidant properties and it can fight against the process of aging and can delay it. 8. Even though, safed musli is popularly known for improving the level of semen and its count in men, it can play a major role towards improving blood count both in men and women. Not only the above-mentioned ingredients, the herbal remedies to increase hemoglobin also include other ingredients like jav, aloe vera, kahu, long, taj and hirabol as well. Read about Herbal Treatment For Low Hemoglobin. Also know Herbal Treatment For Iron Deficiency. Read about Hemoglobin Enhancer Pills.