Herbal Supplements For Hypertension Or High Blood Pressure P


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Sep 19, 2012
Uncontrolled blood pressure is a severe medical condition which results in causing major damage to body organs. It has no symptoms and may be associated to conditions such as stress, severe headaches, body aches, and pain in arteries, nosebleeds, confusion and vision change. It can cause permanent damage to arteries and blood vessels which are connected to crucial body organs such as heart, kidneys, paralysis etc. High blood pressure may affect the capability of a person to work and handle everyday life pressures. In the long run the person suffering from hypertension has a fast aging rate and may suffer from aging related diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases, and nervousness and heart problems. Certain relaxing techniques and herbal supplements for hypertension provide over-the-counter solution for high blood pressure problem. Stresx capsule is used widely for controlling high blood pressure and for regulating cholesterol, triglycerides and lipid profiles. It can be taken to control the functioning of peripheral arteries and the communication of signals from body organs to brain. It is made up of certain herbal extracts and these herbal supplements for hypertension have no side effects. Normally, high blood pressure problem has no symptoms but it can cause memory loss, vision loss, peripheral arteries diseases, stroke etc. One should increase water intake to rebalance the sodium salt level in body to prevent the effect of high blood pressure and relax to reduce stress. Herbal supplements for hypertension can be taken to regulate blood flow in arteries and prevent damage to the organs caused by excessive blood pressure. The herb Convolvulus pluricaulis can be found in the capsule which works towards the modulation of neuro chemicals in the brain and has been tested to be non toxic and with no side effects. There are other benefits of taking the herb Convolvulus pluricaulis as it can be taken with other ingredients such as cumin and milk to reduce anti-ulcer effects on body. It helps in the growth of mucosal defensive factors such as mucin secretion and production of glycoproteins in body. It can treat endocrine imbalance such as hyperthyroidism by regulating the flow of enzymes released from liver. It works as stimulant which improves brain capability and works as tranquilizer to cure high blood pressure problem. It can cure hypotension symptoms and can also prevent bowel complaints which are caused by stress. Its properties were tested in laboratory and it was observed that the intake of herb can reduce total serum cholesterol, certain types of harmful fatty acids and phospholipids in body. It can control the production of cortisol to reduce stress and works as rejuvenating herb which is a psycho stimulant and a tranquilizer. It can cure neuro degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer disease. It is a perennial herb which can be taken as a brain tonic. Its chemical composition includes phyto nutrients such as Convolvidine, Convolvine, Subhirsine, etc. It is mainly used as a brain stimulator. Its daily consumption prevents memory loss. Many other similarly potent nervines and brain stimulating herbs can be found in the herbal supplements for hypertension and the supplements provide long term relief from the regular problem of stress and hypertension. Read about Hypertension Herbal Treatment. Also know Herbal Treatment For High BP. Read about High Blood Pressure Herbal Treatment.