Highly reliable HP DAT-320 Backup Tape Solution


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Oct 18, 2012
The process of evolution is known to most and to those who still unsure about its meaning, it is the procedure where by the species better equipped to handle the problems pertaining to any certain time period are the ones that continue to survive. Through evolution all the living species of this world have to come being the way they are today. In the same way as living beings, technology evolves in order to deal with the novel issues of the new age. The commercial world has long trusted on tape storage systems as a very costeffective standardused for shielding critical business data from getting adversely effected of even getting lost due to operational reasons, theft or even natural disasters. The good news for such organizations is that thiselderly technology that had long lazedinactive is again coming back to life.One fine example of such technology is the DAT (digital audio tape) format, more commonly known asDDS.This tape technology is widely recognized by its ability to undoubtedly outperformingnumerousother tape-based solutions in SMB market. DAT/DDS format deals anextensivevariety of tape cohorts, which give any business the ability to faultlesslyinflate the business processes. The tape solution also provides long term investment protection. Now let’s move on to more specific examples of this immensely impressive technology; it can be easily claimed that DAT-320 tape solution is currently at the very end of the evolution chain of tape technology. Since the DDS tape format itself was co-invented by the infamous HP (Hewlett Packard), we will be discussing the credentials of the HP DAT-320 media tape. This exceptional technology of HP DAT 320 solution can provide vigorousfortification to small to medium sized enterprises, remote offices,and complex data centers etc.Businesses can dependablybackupalmost 320 GB (160 GB uncompressed)of compressed data onto a HP,Q2032A, DAT320 tape and even reservelargeramountsof business critical data at an excellent throughput rate of 86 GB per hour and very low costs per GB. Moreover, the trivialbodily size of HP DAT320 backup tape permits effective tape treatment and easy storage demanding lower amounts of shelf space. Other direct benefits of usingHP Q2032A DAT320 tape can by highlighted as; low continuingprice of ownership allows vey low-cost, sturdy DAT media and retrograde compatibility with older drives delivers anunbroken upgrade path from older drivesand also helps to exploit the tape investment. HP tapes are also known for the diversity of storage spacecapacity points that they are offered in; HP DAT Tapes are available in range of 40GB to 320GB. HP DAT 320 drive simulationsbid USB 2.0, 3 GB/s SAS and LVD ultra160 SCSI interfaces whichlargely facilitates the clientelesinflawlesslyassimilating with a broader range of client/server settings. The excellent plug-and-play connectivity deliverssuitability and critical time saving;it takes less than a minute to beginthe backup processes with a HP DAT-320 USB drive. So withHP DAT-320 tape one can speedily backup their huge corporate databases and be certain of in time data obtainability. Mark Paul is the marketing manager of odsi and publish article on DDS 4 media tape and HP Q2032A. Mark Paul
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