How a Physiotherapist Can Help to Recover From a Foot or Ank


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Aug 23, 2012
Even in your normal day-to-day routine, there is a chance that you get ankle sprains. It is not necessary that you are doing any extra physical that has caused the strain or injury. Nowadays, there are number of people who suffer from foot and ankle problems and do not any idea how to deal with the problem. They simply keep neglecting the problem which later turns into a much bigger one to handle or cure. This problem has become quite common and it is advisable that you should visit a physio who can offer help to face it. If you have sprain problem, then get proper treatment, before it causes a long-term damage. In this type of strain, the ankle joint swells and starts paining, this happens when the ligament gets torn by twisting or getting rolled over. In order to get complete recovery, it is important to have a proper physiotherapy treatment the moment you are able to apply pressure. These problems not only happen in sports but you might suffer from it in your daily routine also. After figuring out the level and intensity of your injury or condition, the physio would conduct proper physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and exercise rehabilitation. These are done to enable you to get quick and full recovery as soon as possible. Following services are provided by a physiotherapist as part of the treatment: Your condition is explained. A detailed examination is done and medical history is analysed. Goals are set before starting the treatment and progress is noted down regularly. A proper management plan is designed which includes exercise prescription, education and postural education (if needed). An effective approach to the treatment is given using a wide range of different techniques such as joint mobilisation, stretches, massage etc. When the foot is placed in an awkward or unusual position or in case the ground is uneven, then it might get twisted from the joint. A great amount of pressure is put on the joint which gets injured. The fibula, tibia and talus are three bones which are present in the ankle joint area. One of more of these might get injured or affected due to twisting. Apart from these, the sprain may even affect the ligaments that act as a connection between tendons and bones. After recovering from the injury or when you can apply some pressure on the legs, then with help of a physiotherapist the whole affected area can be treated easily. There are also chances that poor selection of footwear can cause various problems in your joints of legs. A physio can also give you important advice that can help you to select the right type of footwear to avoid any injury. High quality orthotics can also be provided by them in case of injuries, these can prove to be an excellent choice for proper support. An experienced foot and ankle physio would explain you foot mechanics. You should have a proper knowledge about it as poor mechanics makes the ankle and foot stiff which may result in lax joint and a collapsed arch.