How DoctoAntivirus Protects your Computer System


Sep 17, 2012
Once you connect to the Internet, your computer becomes vulnerable to viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, adware, bugs and other malicious codes that attack computers. That is why it is recommended that you install a powerful antivirus program that will protect your computer from these applications that harm your files, your programs and your operating system. A powerful and highly efficient computer protector One of the current breed of powerful antivirus programs is DoctoAntivirus. It is capable of protecting your computer from bugs and harmful viruses instantly. It is a computer system protection program that works tirelessly and efficiently. It is like a hardworking employee that does not stop until the clean-up is complete, and in its case, until it has gotten rid of all malicious programs and software that have infiltrated your system. Don’t you think that this is one very efficient antivirus program? DoctoAntivirus is very easy to download, install and use. It has a very intuitive user interface, runs in the background silently cleaning your system yet it does not require too much computer space. It was developed to have a very stringent shield that allows it to search for and get rid of every malicious program. You’ll notice that your system will be optimized once DoctoAntivirus has done its job. It also comes with a program applicable for mobile phone use, which is a neat idea considering that smartphones are now used as a productivity tool with its computer functions and features. The job of DoctoAntivirus DoctoAntivirus searches for dangerous or malfunctioning programs in your computer system. Once it finds one, it alerts you about it and waits for your instruction whether to allow the program to run or destroy it completely. It targets malware that slows down your computer or cause it to be erratic and even add or delete files and programs. While some malware can be annoying at best, others are downright destructive. It also targets spyware that tries to steal all your useful information such as your browsing behavior, the types of websites you frequent and the items you regularly search for online. These data are then sold to people such as spammers and online marketers or at worse cause you to be stalked.Keyloggers make computer users vulnerable especially when providing credit card information when shopping online as this can steal this valuable information and make charges on your credit card. Another program that DoctoAntivirus attacks is rootkits. These are bothersome programs that can escape your attention and work in the background. Rootkits attack the operating system, and can cause your computer to crash, alter or delete files or infect other computers by disguising as a program or a file. DoctoAntivirus not only destroys malicious programs in your computer system. It also prevents them from attacking your computer again. The program is available for download from its website. It has several versions. For the home user, you can download the free version. It has a premium version for enterprise use. For those that want to have an extra secure computer, DoctoAntivirus has a Hyper version.