How Dubai is becoming Automated Metro


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Sep 7, 2012
Dubai is a city of most modern states of the world, having everything with the edging technology. Dubai has become more popular and easily accessible city just after that multi-lane motorways are installed in the city. Dubai is having the best and most modern means of transportation such as it has a bus service with 140 routes and the extensively organized taxi system in the state. According to the transportation authority taxi is the most frequently used means of transportation in the country.
Another addition recently added in the transportation means of Dubai is Dubai Metro, a fully automated and modern network of metro running throughout the city. It has been launched in September 2009 and since then has carried more than 10 million passengers. The metro runs both over ground and underground offering the best services of transportation.
Dubai wants to become one of the best and well connected travel hubs for its international visitors. No one can deny that in Dubai millions of tourists travel every year and to provide them the best travelling means, It is offering many travel options and direct routes to people visit the city and honestly they are doing  everything to serve them in best manner. Dubai has outstanding airports hosting more than 200 airlines to keep the inbound and outbound air traffic in flow. Dubai airport is one of the busiest airports in the world serving 101 destinations in 61 different countries serving to six continents.
Emirate International air line is the national airline is putting its great efforts to make Dubai easily accessible state from any part of world. With the growth in economy Dubai’s population has doubled in past three decades from the very small settlement of locals. Now Dubai is accommodating 2,000,000 people in which 80 percent people are foreigners while the rest population is constituted by locals.
To see the intensive growth in population Dubai government is taking some serious actions to create luxurious accommodation facilities not only for locals but for all those coming to Dubai for different purposes. Dubai tourism industry is seeing boom with everyday passing because of Government’s marvellous efforts. Tourists will see some new constructional wonders very soon in Dubai. The construction of these mega structures is enough to show that Dubai is picking up the boom again and this is good news for job seekers as they can see more jobs in Dubai in coming few months. About Author: I am Hansen Martin working in TalenTailor a Dubai Employment Agency that provides TalenTailor business management jobs in gulf.