How Many driving lessons do i need ?


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Jan 21, 2013
Your probably reading this as you’ve typed the ultimate learner question. How many driving lessons do you need ? Some driving instructors will say to you ‘How long is a piece of string?’ If you hear this, i probably wouldn’t choose that instructor for your driving lesson requirements. Every instructor should be able to give you an indication as to how many driving lessons you will need, once they have seen you drive. It’s very difficult to work out and qoute someone the hours they require without seeing you drive, as everyone is different. The National Average amount of driving lessons The DSA say the national average amount of of driving lessons is 45 hours plus 22 hours of private practice. This may seem quite high initially, but you have to bare in mind there are pupils taking their test who are over 30, disabled, learning difficulties, spacial awarenesss, co-ordiantion problems and more. There are also many 17 year olds that are very gifted, responsive and quick at learning. These pupils often pass in just 20 hours. The best way of working out how may hours you need to pass the driving test is by having an assessment lesson first. Driving Test Centre Pass Rates This is another area that may effect how many driving lessons you may need. For example in 2013 the DSA stats show the pass average first time rate for driving lessons in Northampton was 55% compared to Luton that was 40%. Thats quite a difference. There’s two possobilities why there is a difference: The driving test routes are more diffcult in Luton or the examiners are more easy going. Either way, these are two test centres that are less than 30 miles apart. If it’s easier to learn to drive in Northampton, then surely the amount of driving lessons required will be less. Choosing a quality driving instructor helps Did you know there are over 40,000 driving instructors in the UK. Only 6.5% (2,950 ADI’s) are a grade 6 which is the highest possible grade. There are 16,793 that are a grade 5, which equates to 37% and there is a massive 55% of instructors that are a grade 4 (24,963 ADI’s). Every driving instructor has to have a standards check called a check test. This is to ensure their standards meet the minimum requirements which is a grade 4. If an instructor recieves a grade 3,2 or 1 then they are have to be re-checked again.Failing the check test more than 3 times means the instructor has to hand in their badge and can no longer teach pupils for reward. In a nut shell grade 6 means excellent, grade 5 means very good and grade 4 means satisfactory. With only 6.5% of driving instrutcors being the highest grade, it’s very important you ask around. Learning with a high grade instructor can save you time and money. Which ultimately contributes to the question ‘How many driving lessons do you need ?’ Hopefully after reading this, you can see there is more to the question ‘How many driving lessons do you need ?’. Now you have a better understanding of the national avearges and test centres don’t forget the most important part: Choosing a quality driving instructor. There is more to learning to drive than cheap driving lessons. It’s important you cover all of the topics above to ensure you minimise costs and pass as quickly as possible. Good Luck with your driving.