How to choose a good dentist


Sep 17, 2012
The tension of choosing a good dentist is no less than choosing a car or home out of plenty of options available. You fear landing up on a wrong choice, besides, it can also cost your health. You have thousands of dentists practicing across the city with different specialisations and experience – it is only natural to be a little confused while zeroing down on one. Go through these quick tips given below that will guide you through the points that you have to keep in mind while choosing a dentist in your area: Your Need: Before finding a dentist, assess what is your dental problem and what do you need. Depending on your dental need you can choose a dentist with specialisation easily. If your need is related to cosmetic issues, you have to consult a cosmetic dentist. Similarly there is a pediatric dentist who deals with kid teeth problems. An  endodontists is a root canal specialist, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon does tooth extraction and oral surgery, a prosthodontists is a restorative specialists, a periodontists is a gum disease treatment specialists and performs  dental braces and an orthodontist is a bite specialist. Recommendations: After you have identified your need, ask for a good dental doctor in your area and around from your friends, neighbours or relatives. An online search for a dentist might also help. Consulting a local pharmacist or your family doctor can also come handy. Some dentist group on Facebook and other social platforms can give you credible information too. Background check on Dentist: After you zero down on one dentist, do a little background research on the educational qualifications and experience of the dentist. Logistics: Convinced with the expertise of the dentist, look how far it is, is it convenient to travel, check upon the office hours of the dentist to match up your day schedule. Appointment: A telephonic appointment with the doctor can give you an idea about the friendliness of the staff, the patient culture they have adopted. During the call, you can also ask about the type of anesthesia the dental doctor administers. A dentist should be certified to use certain type of anesthesia to help you relax and avoid pain during the dental treatment. Cross Check for the fee: Candidly ask for appointment fee and treatment specific charges during the call. You can ask for X-Ray charges, filling cavity charges and a normal exam and cleaning charges. Paying a Visit: See your dentist on scheduled time and tell him clearly about the dental problems you are facing. Convey to the dentist about any dental anxiety that you have. A good dentist will keep you at ease and give you best possible treatment. Evaluation: After the visit, evaluate the meeting properly. Could the dentist solve your dental issues? Was the dentist patient-friendly? If you didn’t like the dentist, you may consider changing the dentist. To Choose a good dentist in Delhi, NCR or anywhere else in the country or to ask a question from trusted dentist visit our website: