How to get blue eyes naturally


Aug 30, 2012
To do not love the blue eyes of kids is very difficult. If you are not born with the blue eyes, to obtain blue eyes naturally is not possible. But there are some tricks which you can use to make you feel that your eyes are blue. Or if you are really want to obtain blue eyes then you can obtain by surgery.
1. Understand that your eyes colour is genetic
Like the here and skin colour, our eyes colours is also genetic. This means that breaking without genetic code or cell structure you cannot change the eyes of your colour permanently.
The eyes of your colour depend on the melanin which is present inside your eye. It depends on the amount of melanin. The less melanin your eyes have the more your eye will be blue and if melanin is more then you will get brown shade more.
The amount of melanin is very less when a newly baby born. That is why you will find their eyes blue, in most of the newly born babies. Due to a genetic mutation, the colour of eyes varies a lot. You can find many type of colours in newly born babies.
2. Understand that change of colour could raise the sign off a disease
if you found that your eyes colour is changing automatically, specially from brown to blue, then you should immediately contact Dr specially eyes doctor. The change of colour in eyes could be due to many type of diseases. There are some chances that Some diseases can also make your blind either temporarily or permanently. The change of colour could be the sign of many diseases. The change of eye colour could be very exciting sometimes but if your eye colour changed naturally then there is no need to worry and consult a doctor. Because it is happened naturally so you don’t have to care about anything.
3. Understand that eye colour cannot be changed permanently
However there are some places in the world where there is possible to change eye colour with surgery. They claim to change eye care . However results never proved. The experiment have not proved that changed eye colour remain to how many days and what does it effect on the health.
Before going into the surgery you need to know what are the pros and cons of changing the eye colour through surgery. You have to take out some time and know merits and demerits very clearly before going into it. Also make sure to pass any tests before surgery.
4. To change the eye with the bodily changes
a. Conduct special surgery test
There are many type of laser surgeries in the market which can change the colour of your eye to blue. In the special type of surgery, Dr burn the lower layer of melanin in your eyes, which makes the iris appear to blue. Since this surgery test is new, we don’t have much information regarding affecting our health. Incoming search terms: can your eyes change color