How To Get Relief From Shoulder Pain Or Back Pain?


Sep 12, 2012
Experts state that shoulder pain or back pain can be classified in varied ways. Some people experience neck pain or pain in a single shoulder, while others might have pain in both sides. Causes of shoulder pain: Shoulder is a socket and ball joint with a wide range of movements. As this is a mobile joint, it is more susceptible to injury and experts state that this pain can be caused due to any of the following reasons: 1. Pinched nerves 2. Frozen shoulder 3. Upper arm bone or collar fractures 4. Dislocation 5. Instability in shoulder joints 6. Tendonitis, which is caused due to overuse of shoulders 7. Strain caused due to overexertion. How to get relief? To get relief from shoulder pain, it is important that remedies that are safe with appropriate anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties should be used. When it comes to safe remedies, herbs are always known for their safety and also they do not cause any side effects as well, even when they are used on a long-term basis. So, to get relief from back pain, it is recommended to use herbal remedies called as Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil. Here are some details about the former product, which should be used internally, while the latter should be used external in the areas of pain to get safe remedy: Ingredients make the capsules safe: As mentioned earlier, Rumatone Gold capsules are herbal remedies and these capsules are made effective because of the herbal ingredients and here are the details: 1. The root of the plant called rasna has proven to be effective in treating osteoarthritis, rheumatic disorders, inflammation and related issues like pain and stiffness in joints like shoulder joints. This is why it is added to herbal remedies to help people to get relief from back pain. 2. Swarna bhasma is known for its properties to improve stamina in the body. When there is good stamina and strength in the body, it will be easier for pain management. It can also improve muscle strength, by providing relief to muscular weakness. 3. Mukta pishti, which means pearl powder, is also added as an ingredient to Rumatone Gold capsules. Pearl is generally known for its effectiveness in providing coolness to the body. Its soothing effect can provide excellent rejuvenation to the body. It is known to help people to get relief from shoulder pain as it is a rich source of calcium beneficial in improving bone strength. 4. Nag bhasma is also added to these capsules because it can provide relief from non-healing piles and also rheumatoid arthritis. 5. Kesar is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, thereby forming part of both Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil to help the patients to get relief from shoulder pain. It is recommended that patients suffering from back pain, regardless of whether it is upper or lower back pain, they can use both Rumatone Gold capsules and Rumatone Gold oil to get relief from back pain. Read about Herbal Treatment For Arthritis Joint Pain. Also know Arthritis Joint Pain Supplement. Read about Herbal Arthritis Treatment For Joint Pain.