How to Get Rid of Teeth Cavities Effectively


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Sep 7, 2012
Teeth cavities are a huge nuisance. Not only do they look bad, they can lead to implications such as gum diseases and teeth loss. If you are affected by teeth cavities, it is highly important to get them treated as soon as possible. If you don’t you will never be able to experience having natural, white teeth ever again. Here are some procedures you can follow in order to get rid of teeth cavities effectively. Before we do so, it is important to learn how such conditions form. Teeth cavities are a result of not maintaining your dental health. When bacteria and germs start to build up along the teeth surface, the rate at which teeth erosion occurs start to increase. Soon enough, you will start to see holes appearing along the teeth. If you don’t treat it, those holes will start to have silver or black marks (depending on the severity of the condition). The process that makes this happen is called demineralization. The best way to avoid teeth cavities is to maintain healthy dental habits. You must clean and floss your teeth after every meal. If you are already affected by teeth cavities, here are some ways to get rid of them. First, there isn’t a home procedure that recovers your damaged tooth to its original state. However, what you can do is to protect it from further damage. To do this, you have to apply fluoride treatments to your teeth surface. Fluoride is already found in many dental products such as teeth whitening treatments and toothpaste. Before or after ever meal, apply fluoride to your teeth in order to protect the teeth enamel layer from further damage. In terms of professional treatments, one can get their teeth cavities cleaned and filled by a dentist. Fillings normally compose of materials such as porcelain. Luckily, these materials make your teeth appear natural again because they are matching in color. Before a dentist fills your teeth, they scrape out all the stains that have been left by the cavity. This is usually the scary part of visiting dentists because they will use some sort of razor tool to get rid of the stains. Once the filling has been applied, you have to wait several hours for it to harden. Once it has hardened, you can start to eat or drink normally. It is important that you avoid having artificial drinks or food that contain a lot of chemical or else your filling will start to degrade. For more severe conditions, one can used a procedure called teeth crowning. Basically, the dentist scrapes out all the bad parts of the cavity and place a crown on top of the teeth surface. The crown is also made of materials such as porcelain. One usually has to resort to this kind of procedure if their teeth is beyond repair. If the teeth is severely damaged, a dentist might decide the best option is to simply take the decayed teeth out and replace it with an implant. If you want to avoid these painful procedures, start maintaining your teeth now!