How to improve your English language skills?


Sep 5, 2012
Kazimir Kowalsky is an active member of answering service, hence he often has a lot to say and likes to ask questions online and share his thoughts and opinions. The article above was inspired by this question online. This article is devoted to recommendations how to improve English at railway speed! 1. Use common and complete phrases. It’s clear that students often have one common mistake. They construct every sentence word by word, but English speech mostly consists of stamps. In each situation, you’d better to use a well-defined phrase. Otherwise, you’ll have aloan translation of your native language . 2. Refresh your grammar knowledge. Take a guide to grammar, read the rules again. Elaborate the great habit to apply the rules in practice. 3. Learn how to use 6 tenses freely. It’s really simple! – Present Simple – I work
– Present Continuous – I am working
– Past Simple – I worked
– Past Continuous – I was working
– Present Perfect – I have worked
– Future Simple – I will work 4. How to improve English vocabulary? After 5 years studying English, you grasp the most of common words. After that a vocabulary growth becomes slower, new words become more difficult to remember. So you should write words with examples of their use, because it’s easier to remember words in context. 5. Improve your pronunciation: find typical mistakes of your nationality and work with this problem hardly. 6. Learn synonyms and write them. Add new worlds with similar meanings to the familiar.For example: – Man – person – human being – being – individual – on?
– probably – possibly – may be – perhaps
– of course – certainly – surely – no doubt
– in fact – actually – indeed – really
– to reduce – to decrease – to cut down – to deminish
– to offer – to suggest – to propose 7. Create your personal English blog. It helps you to enrich the vocabulary to describe lives and interests. 8. Listern English songs wherever you can. When you drive a car, for example. it’s not a relaxation or amusement as you get accustomed. Even you don’t hear it by the sentence you’ll get used to the natural rhythm and sound of English speech. The more you listen to the same song, the more information you will get from this song. After you take all you can from the lyrics of this song, read it and compare what you imagine and the real words. It’s funny! 9. Read books with lots of English dialogues. That’ll teach you spoken language. 10. Use only English explanatory dictionary! 11. How to improve English with internet sources? ? You can take the daily distribution of new English words, as an example or social sites, where you can use only English, the example: Facebook to non-stop online communication or to to learn how to make comprehensive questions. After reading this article I hope you’ve understood how to improve English better. If you lead those simple rules, you’ll see the progress as soon as you start to use them.