How to maintain sparkling white teeth this winter


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Oct 23, 2012
Our teeth are one of the most vital organs in the body. They are responsible for performing a very crucial function, one that is essential to our survival and for our daily needs. Chewing. Without teeth to chew all the tasty treats we gobble up all day, our stomach would have a tough time digesting all the food that goes inside it. It would actually be quite impossible for us as well to swallow anything without chewing it. Imagine having to directly swallow an apple. Impossible isn’t it. This is where our teeth come to the rescue. These set of 32 amazing instruments of the human body, can chew and break down almost any kind of food so that it can easily go down the food pipe for the stomach to then digest it. So, if we don’t have teeth, that means no food (at least nothing chewable) which means hunger! These little beauties are very useful and important. This is why one must take good care of the molars, which are unfortunately ignored by most people. Most of us tend to ignore any sort of dental problem until it becomes either too big or to painful to ignore, which is not the right thing to do. The right thing is to visit the dentist regularly for check-ups. Do not wait for a problem to arise, rather visit often at regular intervals. If we do not take care of our teeth properly, it could lead to various dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, tartar, bad breath, etc. Here are a few tips for taking better care of these important tools. Brushing your teeth: Although it is quite obvious, but we want to emphasize on how important it is to brush daily and correctly. Spend some time brushing your teeth, ensure that you reach all the corners and clean the gums as well. By simply brushing your teeth twice a day, you avoid a host of problems such as bad breath and tooth decay. Also, keep on changing your brush, ideally every 3-4 months. A toothbrush used for longer than that will be home to more bacteria and germs and will not clean your teeth properly. Floss: Again, a very important thing. Make it a daily habit and do not get lazy for flossing. It is important to clean out the inner areas of the teeth, as this is where germs and bacteria will be mostly found causing problems. Diet and Lifestyle: Like is the case with our body, what we eat and drink affects our teeth as well. Avoid too much of carbonated drinks, sugary foods, etc. these things will erode the outermost protective layer of the teeth, leaving them vulnerable. Visit a Dentist regularly: Now, this is the most important and also the most taken for granted thing regarding dental care. We mostly get too lazy going to the dentist, not realizing how harmful it could get for us. Visit a dentist regularly for check-ups and general dental advice. Van Drew Dentistry is an affordable dental clinic, providing the highest quality dental care to their patients using the latest technology equipment and their expertise, without making a big hole in your pocket. Our range of services includes dental fillings, root canals, dental x-rays, fitting of dentures, teeth sealants, dental implants and more. We want you to always smile and love your teeth! To contact us or to simply know more, visit us at Smile! J