How to Plan for a Pilgrimage Tour in india?


Aug 31, 2012
Pilgrimage tour is increasing in India. With the development of better connectivity to pilgrimages, it seems year after year more devotees are flocking pilgrimage centers like Badrinath, Amarnath or the Char dham yatra and other places. India has many pilgrimage places and they attract millions of devotees annually. Devotees come from India and abroad as well. Here we present some tips that will help you plan better, while you plan for a pilgrimage tour: Budget: It is one of the major factors that decide whether to take a tour or not. While you choose a pilgrimage spot for yourself, decide on how much budget you require for the entire trip. Making a budget estimate will help in better preparation. Season: It is another equally important factor. Some pilgrimage centers like Amarnath, you can only visit during specific time period—winter. It is necessary that you check best season when you can visit the pilgrimage. Itinerary: Plan your itinerary in advance. This will enable you to save time as well as money. Book your hotel, air/train tickets in advance to get better deals and discounts. Grandparents: If you are planning to travel with your grandparents or old parents, you should take extra measure to ensure that the pilgrimage tour becomes benefitting and comfortable to them and you as well. Do arrange for proper transport while you travel long distance. Old parents may not be able to walk long distance, so arrange regular rest on the way to pilgrimage center. Also carry energizing drinks like Glucose for the tour. Do carry walking sticks or buy one for your old parents. Children: It is best not to take young children in long distance tour. However if the travel is comfortable, you can take your child along. In some pilgrimage centers, one has to take long walks up hill, so in this situation your child may feel uncomfortable. Luggage: It is suggested that you carry minimum luggage or take only what you need or is necessary. These days, most pilgrimages have proper facilities for travelers. They provide blankets, jackets, rest house, etc. at a reasonable cost. Thus, there is no need to carry these materials which add up to make your luggage heavy. About the book: Yatra2yatra ( is a book, which is encyclopedic in nature, about various pilgrimage places in India like Chardham in India. You can get information on char dham darshan, chardham yatra tour and char dham yatra packages. It also has history and associated mythology about pilgrimages. Furthermore the book has necessary information like location of pilgrimages, weather and good time to travel, etc. Incoming search terms: Travel packages to india