How to prevent breast cancer – Taking care of your body


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Aug 20, 2012
Day by day, we hear more and more cases of women being diagnosed with breast cancer. Not just stories, we also see people we know and interact with daily getting diagnosed with the deadly disease. The sad part is that even though we can take certain steps and measures to prevent breast cancer , we either are too lazy or too caught up in our lives to pay real attention to our bodies. As women, it is extremely important for us to take good care of our body so that we are healthy enough to take care of our families. Breast cancer, luckily for us, can actually be prevented. By taking a few simple steps, some changes in our lifestyle and by regular Mammograms, we can fight this disease and prevent it from affecting us or any of our near and dear ones. Here are some preventive measures that you could take to stay healthy and combat breast cancer. Regular Mammograms and Doctor Check-ups: As we age, we feel the pressure and stress of our responsibilities upon us. Sometimes, the stress gets too much and it gets harder to deal with that. This stress has an effect on our body too. But we sometimes not see the kind of effect it has, or how worse it is. Like in any other disease or problem with our body, stress plays a major role in breast cancer too. We sometimes may not be able to see that. For that, you need to go to the doctor regularly. Inspecting yourself for breast cancer is important, but it is also important to get checked regularly and that can only be done by getting mammograms. Regular mammograms, every year or whenever you feel anything unusual in your breasts are recommended. Eating right: We are what we eat. This statement, that we hear quite often, is quite true. What goes inside your body is what your body uses to fight back against germs, bacteria and every other thing that could be harmful to your body. Have a diet that is rich in green vegetables, fruits, etc. All cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts; leafy greens such as spinach and fruits that include citrus, berries and cherries will help in protecting your body. Also, try and avoid sugared drinks, too much of protein and carbohydrates in your diet. Exercise: Research has shown that women who exercise regularly, or have done so since they were very young, have a reduced breast cancer risk rate of about 10 to 30 percent. Exercising is a powerful protective shield against breast cancer. Plus if you exercise, you will be fit and happy! With all these methods, and with regular doctor visits, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk of breast cancer greatly. Visit So stay healthy, stay fit and stay happy!  J