How to Select the Best Throw Pillows for Couch


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Aug 27, 2012
Buying throw pillows for couch could be a simple task, if you are not picky about the design and the quality of the pillow. Typically, you can go to any popular home décor shop in your vicinity and select several pillows as per your requirement. But, if you are really looking for quality and designer items, which will surely add to the existing look of your couch, then it may be a bid complicated. By going through the following steps, the buying process will be much more organized and easier. Decide On the Number and Size of the Pillows: How many throw pillows are you looking for? Depending on the number of layers of pillows you are going to use, the count will increase. For example, in a single 3-seater couch, you can have a minimum of 3 pillows. But if you decide to add layers then the count will increase to 6 or even 9. The size can also vary depending on the layers, keeping the bigger ones in the back and the smaller sized ones in the front. This will give a nice 3-dimensional look to your couch. To have variation, you can also experiment with different shapes of throw pillows for couch, which will add some more beauty to your home decoration. Decide on the Color: This is where you can do a lot of different experiments. Whether you like the conventional color setup of warm or cool colors or you want to be more creative to bring out a new dimension to the décor – it is completely your choice. However, to be on the safe side it is always better to follow the traditional color code setup unless you are really confident about your color palate. Based on the color palate, you should select plain or designed throw pillows. If you go for designer items, then you have a myriad of alternatives to select from. Go For the Best Choices: Quality is the most important factor for any type of merchandise. So, make sure that the items you are buying will have a long-term life. Whether the throw pillow is cotton, polyester or silk, the color should not fade within a few washes.  If you prefer a hand-made throw pillows, then you should specifically shop for Handmade throw pillows. Add a Personal Touch: If you want to be creative with the throw pillows you bought, then you have plenty of ways to do it. Just throw them around for comfort or arrange them on the couch in a way that it adds to the overall seating arrangement.