How to Treat Bleeding Gum Quickly


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Aug 29, 2012
When your gum tissues start to bleed, this is usually a sign of bacterial infection. There are several causes to bleeding gum. If you are affected by it, you must have it treated immediately before the condition gets even worse. Here are some ways to treat bleeding gum at home quickly. If none of these work, you should visit a dentist immediately for professional treatment. #1 Corsodyl
Some dentists will recommend the use of a product called Corsodyl. It is a mouthwash that is specifically designed to fight gum diseases such as Gingivitis or Periodontal disease. One major cause for bleeding gum is the presence of a gum disease. For example, periodontal disease, causes your gum tissues to retract from the teeth. This increases the exposure of your gum tissues to open air. Hence, it is more likely for your gums to bleed in such a scenario. By using Corsodyl mouthwash everyday, you reduce the amount of bacteria that is present in your mouth. The less bacteria, the greater the chances of keeping your gum tissues healthy. #2 Brush and floss
This should be an ongoing effort throughout your life, but some people neglect to do it. You must keep your dental habit healthy by brushing your teeth after every meal. It is just as important to floss your teeth because brushing does not get rid of all the food residue that get stuck in your mouth. If your gum tissues are bleeding, you may want to use toothpaste that are specifically made to tackle gum or other sorts of dental diseases. For example, you can use Corsodyl toothpaste along with the mouthwash. #3 Natural antibiotics
To further aid your efforts in defeating bleeding gum issues, you should also eat natural food items that act as natural antibiotics. One of the most common examples is basil leaf. These leaves contain properties that help you defeat the presence of bacteria and viruses in your mouth and body. Instead of eating it, you can even make your own natural basil leaf toothpaste. To do so, mash some basil leaf powder and water together until the texture starts to become pasty. Using the natural paste, apply it on a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently give each teeth a nice clean. You should spend at least two minutes brushing your teeth. Sometimes, bleeding gums can occur if something sharp pricked the surface of the gum tissue. In such a case, there isn’t much you can do. You can only wait for it to naturally heal itself. However, it is essential that you follow some of the methods above in order to prevent the condition from aggravating even further. When your gum bleeds, you give bacteria and other forms of infection the chance to enter your blood vessels. These harmful bacteria can affect other organs across your body therefore it is important that you maintain proper dental health throughout your lifetime. People tend to estimate the importance of dental health, but take note. It is usually one of the common causes of disease contraction. Incoming search terms: corsodyl toothpaste hyd gums large and bleeding