How To Treat High Blood Pressure Naturally Using Herbal Supp


Aug 27, 2012
A popular saying states that ‘if you do not know your blood pressure, it is like not knowing the value of your company’. Due to the increasing stressful lifestyle, many people these days are getting high BP issues as soon as they reach 40 years. But, many of them are not identifying it early. But, it is recommended that people should get their BP level tested on a regular basis as soon as they reach 40 years. If they are identified to have high blood pressure or a pre-high blood pressure, it is important that these people should take steps to treat high blood pressure naturally. Otherwise, it can lead to ill-effects. Ill-effects of increased blood pressure level: As per the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, nearly a third of American adults have hypertension or high BP. Reports state that an elevated BP can be caused due to a number of factors like lack of exercise, diet and stress. A heightened blood pressure can lead to different health risks like metabolic syndrome, vision loss, kidney diseases, heart failure, stroke and heart attack. So, to bring down the ill-effects of high BP, it is important to treat high blood pressure naturally. The natural remedy called as Stresx capsule can help in bringing down the BP level in a natural manner. Ingredients in Stresx capsule: Arjun Myrobalan: This is the scientific name for the herb arjun and this herb is effective in strengthening the herb. High BP can lead to heart disease and this is why this ingredient is added to the herbal remedy called as Stresx capsules. Ayurveda states this herb as an important cardiotonic herb. Bacopa Monnieri: This herb is the commonly known brahmi herb and a clinical report states that this is an anti-anxiety agent with adaptogenic effect. Generally, anxiety is stated to be an important reason behind heightened BP in people and this is why this ingredient is added to Stresx capsules as the best ingredient to treat high blood pressure naturally. Convolvulus pluricaulis: This is commonly called as shankhpushpi is an ingredient that is known to improve brain power and it can help in improving memory as well. It is a natural tonic to provide relief to fatigue, memory loss, insomnia and weakness. It is effective in treating disorders like hypertension, anxiety, nervousness and hypotension. It can bring down bad cholesterol level in the blood and can play an important role in providing rejuvenation to the entire body. Withania somnifera: Most popularly called as ashwagandha, this herbal ingredient is added as the part of Stresx capsules to treat high blood pressure naturally because it is known to be an excellent stress reliever. Both physical and mental stress will be relieved by this ingredient. Due to its antioxidant properties, it can help in revitalizing and nourishing the muscles. There are 16 other herbs in this herbal remedy to provide relief for hypertension. Read about High Blood Pressure Herbal Treatment. Also know Herbal Treatment For High Blood Pressure. Read about Hypertension Herbal Treatment.