How To Treat Piles Problem Without Surgery?


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Sep 18, 2012
It is stated that excessive straining when an individual evacuates the bowels is the important factor contributing towards piles. This strain happens when an individual has constipation and this is why when it comes to treat piles problem without surgery, constipation should be addressed, so that the individual can get the intended relief. However, there are many other conditions that can lead to piles in a person and here are some of the causes to know: Untreated conditions: It is stated that when there is a delay in the treatment of certain disorders and ailments in the gastrointestinal tract like colitis, diarrhea and dysentery can be contributing factors towards hemorrhoids. Pregnancy: As the uterus expands during pregnancy, some women get piles during pregnancy and it is stated that it can also be caused due to the strain on the rectal wall during delivery. Genetic factors: It is stated that the genetic makeup of some individuals can contribute towards piles. Yes, like many other medical conditions, piles can also arise for an individual with family history of this health issue. Sedentary lifestyle: Experts are of the opinion that when an individual sits in the same place for long hours without any movement, it can lead to development of piles. It is found that the present sedentary lifestyle is the important reason behind increasing number of piles sufferers from around the world. Regardless of the reason behind this health issue, when an individual looks for ways to treat piles problem without surgery, herbal remedies can provide the answer. Pilesgon capsules can provide the answer: Yes, these capsules are herbal remedies with all natural ingredients to provide safe treatment to this condition. These capsules are made up of effective ingredients to treat the wound, constipation, bacterial and fungal infection and for cleansing the wound such that patients can find the ideal remedy for their problem: Rasaunt: This ingredient is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. So, it will help in reducing the swelling and bacterial infections associated with the wounds to provide excellent pain relief. Kalijiri: This spice in Pilesgon capsules can play an important role in removal of unwanted toxins from the body and it will also help in excessive fat removal as well. According to ayurveda, accumulation of toxins in the body is the important contributor towards many health issues in humans and piles is no exception. Also, excess weight can also contribute towards piles and this is why this ingredient will help removal of excess fat from the body. Ayapana: This ingredient is stated to be a herbal healer. This is why it is stated to be effective both for internal and external piles. It has effective antifungal, antibacterial, anthelmintic, analgesic, anticancer and anticoagulant properties to treat piles problem without surgery. Indrajau: This ingredient is known to be effective in entamoeba. Its astringent property made it the part of herbal remedies to treat piles problem without surgery. So, those looking for safe remedy to this health issue can rely on these capsules. Read about Piles Natural Cure Remedy. Also know Hemorrhoids Herbal Treatment. Read about Hemorrhoids Bleeding Piles Natural Remedy.