HP Introduces Highly Economical And Efficient DAT-320 Backup


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Sep 4, 2012
In today’s internet-driven business environment, your organization cannot afford to leave the on-line data at the mercy of viruses and internet hackers. You need to devise a strategy to recover your data if it is lost or damaged, otherwise you won’t be able to continue your business operations. So create data backups and remove the hurdles that can affect your business continuity. DDS (Digital Data Storage) has been a firmly-established tape format for more than two decades, and continues to flourish. Its latest generation has been introduced as DAT-320 tape format, which delivers unprecedented performance in small to mid-sized IT environments. As HP Hewlett-Packard co-invented this remarkable DDS format, the HP-branded DDS tape products are preferred by the data-intensive business enterprises across the globe. HP DAT-320 solution delivers the best ownership cost in its class, and cost-effectively fulfills the demands of medium enterprises and small companies. HP Q2032A represents the DAT320 tape cartridge, which has been built-tough to support the wide range of high-speed DAT320 drive models. This next generation HP DAT320 tape can hold double the amount of information than its predecessor DAT160 tape. Native and compressed capacity of HP DAT320 cartridge is 160GB and 320GB respectively. With 100% increased storage capacity, the tape amount will be reduced to half. That means reduced I.T cost and more efficient media handling. There are also two other market-leading DAT-320 tape cartridges, which are 46C1936 (IBM DAT-320 tape) and DGDAT320 (Sony DAT-320 tape). These backup tapes are also intelligently designed to optimize performance and support high data transfer rate. With SAS and USB host interfaces, you can backup the data from a variety of advanced computing systems. Furthermore, HP has designed internal internal models for both these drive interfaces, which further improves the compatibility. The durable cartridge design provides I.T managers complete confidence that the tape cartridges will be safely transported offsite. In addition, the tape cartridges will be protected against rough handlings. So the users can enjoy long term reliability and can best utilize their tape investments. HP DAT320 drives deliver excellent performance at a high speed of 12 Mbps (compressed rate). That means the drive can seamlessly record 86GB data in an hour. Therefore, the bulky databases can be reliably backed up within a shorter time frame. HP has designed the USB DAT-320 drive to help simplify the installation process. Just connect the drive to the host system and your backup system is ready to operate. The setup takes less than a minute, which you will not find in other rival tape systems. You can also trust HP DAT-320 tape solution for loading software on servers as well as for backing up the operating system. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners. Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets HP Q2032A and IBM 46C1936. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology. Rob Miller
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