HP LTO2 ultrium tape, an efficient choice for your business


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Sep 7, 2012
Companies in today’s competitive environment can’t afford disruptions in the business activities. Many companies have replaced their old backup system technology with the new Linear Tape Open Technology. It has a solid history and was introduced in 2000. The LTO tapes have improved over the years and new improved versions have been introduced like LTO-3 and LTO-4 and most recent LTO-5 ultrium tapes. Many technically sound and world famous companies like Sony, Dell, and HP etc. are manufacturing LTO products. These companies are offering high-quality LTO ultrium devices that have revolutionized the backup industry. Majority of the SMBs have not installed backup systems in their data centers because they have tight budgets, whereas the backup systems are usually expensive. But that is not true with HP LTO-2 media tape system, which satisfies the demands of various SMBs struggling to handle the burden of growing organizational databases.The migration to E-business demands the SMBs to install backup system, and HP LTO2 ultrium tape solution enables them to avert disruptions caused by data loss while enhancing their overall backup performance. This article also aims to focus on the features that HP C7972A, LTO2 cartridge and LTO-2 drives are offering. In this way, one can find out that whether HP LTO2 tape is a reliable the choice that the IT managers can rely on. The distinguishable features are the cartridge memory and the self-diagnostic capacities. The HP LTO2 tape is able to give self-diagnostic capacities which allow the user to benefit a lot, and the cartridge memory plays an important role in boosting the drive performance. These features are in addition to the characteristic of the HP LTO2 tape drive like internal head cleaning, long life and reliability. HP LTO-2 tape solution has a very high storage capacity (200GB/400GB) and a fast backup speed (40/80 Mbps). HP LTO2 products have longer life expectancy than the LTO devices manufactured by other companies, which is a great attraction for budget constrained companies. HP LTO2 tape offers a storage capacity of 200 GB when it is in the native stage. You can store twice of the native data when the HP LTO2 drive compresses the data files. The exact storage capacity for the HP LTO2 tapes is 400 GB in the compressed state. The speed is 40 MB in the native state while it is 80 MB in the compressed state. The speed of the HP LTO2 tape drive is ideal for operating systems and business applications being used in midsized and small companies. The other advantage of the HP LTO2 tapes is the option that it can be upgraded to the LTO-3 and LTO-4 tapes, while you can read data from your previous LTO2 media tapes without any interruptions. The HP LTO ultrium 2 is a good substitution for the old backup systems that occupy more physical space, are not cost efficient and above all, do not offers a smooth migration path. So invest in this backup system with confidence and improve your data security and business performance. Mark Paul is the marketing manager of odsi and publish article on HP LTO 2 tape and 183850. Mark Paul
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