IBM LTO Ultrium 4,The Perfect Backup System


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Aug 20, 2012
A decade from today, the importance of backup technology may not be as high as it is today. Looking in the history of business world, you would see that there are several examples of businesses that collapsed due to the absence of backup technology. The major reason was that when a disaster struck, whether it was hardware failure, fire or any other threat, they were unable to recover the data. They lost information of their clients and suppliers, the amount that they owe to equity creditors and trade creditors, amount of money due in receivables etc. These businesses also lost information of their international clients. As a result, they were never able to bounce back from that disaster and ended up losing their business empire. Businesses of today learnt their lesson well, and got serious about backup technology. When speaking of backup technology it is absolutely essential to mention LTO 4 ultrium tape system designed by the industry leader, IBM. It is one of the pioneers of this intelligent LTO ultrium technology.When businesses purchase IBM products, they know they are buying the most innovative and durable products.IBM is known throughout the world for its excellent quality and IBM LTO4 tape, part number 95P4436 is no different. IBM LTO4 media tape system is a big success in the backup industry because of its compactness, robust security and long life expectancy. This small and compact tape has the potential of storing 800 GB of raw data. The compression feature is also the highlight of this LTO4 system, as it doubles the storage capacity of the tape. With compression, the tape can store as much as 1600 GB of data. The IBM 95P4436, LTO4 cartridge supports high processing sped to compliment the fast streaming rate of the LTO 4 drives. IBM LTO4 tape drives have a magnificent and impressive processing speed of 120 Megabytes’ per second. IBM has earned a lot of goodwill amongst the business and corporate world because of the innovative technology and the economical price it charges for it. Business enterprises throughout the world have installed this LTO4 tape because it drastically improves their efficiency, data security and productivity of their business. The price for the tape devices is very reasonable, therefore more and more businesses can benefit from it. Having said enough about the direct benefits of IBM LTO4 tape solution, it is essential to mention some indirect benefits as well. The very first advantage that businesses reap from the installing of LTO4 tape is more shelf space. This allows businesses to overcome their stiff challenges with greater operational efficiency.A single LTO 4 tape can store immense amount of data, which means massive data backups onto fewer tapes within a shorter time period, and ultimately, reduced operational expenses. Since the price of this tape based system is lower than competitors in the market, it also allows businesses to save more money. Don’t let the small size of the tape fool you; this little tape can do wonders for your business, if only you give it a chance. Mark Paul is the marketing manager of odsi and publish article on LTX800G and IBM LTO 4. Mark Paul
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