Importance of Fire Water Storage Tanks


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Aug 22, 2012
There are various kinds of water storage tanks that are used for fire protection. However, all these tanks have to meet a certain standard to qualify as a water storage tank for fire. These specific requirements have been brought about by various fire departments all across the country to ensure its purpose. Importance of fire water storage tanks is not new to anyone. During an emergency it is essential that the right amount of water, that is required to defuse the fire, reaches the destination in time. Manufacturers of this water tank have to be very particular about the standard that they maintain for production of these tanks. Faltering to maintain this standard will lead to death and destruction. Fire water storage tanks are made of steel and they have a particular construction, design, installation and maintenance format. This format is maintained and checked by National Fire Protection Associations. These tanks are mostly single-walled and are coated specifically to avoid water corrosion of any kind. Water tanks for fire could be constructed of either stainless steel or mild carbon steel, and there are fixed thickness measurements for the wall of the tank that the manufacturers have to maintain. Mobility of fire water storage tanks are also of immense importance. A fire could spread anywhere. Schools, offices, subways, stations, residential neighborhoods etc. So it is very important that these tanks are accessible everywhere. So the water storage tank for on sight fire protection must have a good tank capacity, proper directions to use it, great construction standards and it should not overflow. It is essential to store this water in the best possible way, so that, if unused for fire extinction it could be used in other emergency situations. Unused fire water is used during drought or any kind of water supply failure. This makes it essential to manufacturers of fire water storage tanks to concentrate on building tanks with proper air vents and spillage control. This water must be stored safely for it might be used for domestic consumption as well. There are many crucial criterion that has to be met to manufacture the perfect water tank for fire. Generally you could trust a company that has been constructing fire water tanks for sometime to provide you with great quality, because their products go through vigorous checking. You could also visit to get every detail and order a perfect fire water tank.