Importance of Regular Hygiene Appointments


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Sep 17, 2012
Good oral hygiene is essential in maintaining a beautiful smile, and is important in ensuring that oral health is maintained to avoid dental problems from developing. Personal oral hygiene includes regular tooth brushing after meals, and using dental floss to remove food pieces that tooth brushing alone may not reach and remove. Good personal dental hygiene practises should be combined with regular hygiene treatments to ensure that healthy smiles are enjoyed for a longer period of time. Regular visits to the hygienist will help keep teeth clean and bright, and will also help in maintaining fresh-smelling breath. The high cost of dealing with serious dental problems can be avoided with regular hygiene treatments. The hygienist will be able to detect the earliest signs of dental problems, so that these concerns can be solved before they have a chance to become more complicated (and more expensive) issues. What to Expect During Hygiene Appointments The hygienist will thoroughly examine the teeth, and the whole mouth and oral cavity for signs of dental problems. The gums will also be inspected for early gum disease symptoms. The hygienist is specially-trained to look for oral and gum disease signs, and will be able to give the proper diagnosis so that the corresponding treatment can be given. Good oral hygiene practises will be given, such as how to properly brush the teeth, and how to effectively use the dental floss to remove food pieces between the teeth and the gums. Tips on how to eat more healthily (to enjoy better oral health) can also be given during a hygiene appointment. Oral cancer screening is an important part of a hygiene treatment appointment. Early detection is crucial in beating mouth cancer, and the hygienist has special training to detect even slight abnormalities inside the mouth and the oral cavity that may point to the presence of cancer cells. Professional dental cleaning is done to remove tartar and plaque deposits on the surface of teeth, and in between the gum line. The removal of these deposits will prevent the onset of dental problems. Teeth stain removal is also done by the hygienist to remove discolourations on the surface of teeth. Teeth polishing will also be done to make the teeth look whiter and brighter, making the smile more beautiful in appearance. Teeth (especially the ones located at the back) can be protected even further from tooth decay with the application of a fissure sealant by the dental hygienist. Those with sensitive teeth issues can request for a desensitizing seal to be applied by the hygienist during the hygiene appointment. At IS Dental Care in Marylebone, we offer high quality, affordable dental treatments including general, cosmetic, dental implants advanced treatments. Our dental practice is equipped with cutting-edge facilities that use latest dental technologies to bring you the most successful dental treatments possible. If you are searching for a dental practice in Marylebone using the keywords, Marylebone dental or dentist Marylebone, visit us at