Important Functions of Breastfeeding or Maternity Bras


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Aug 31, 2012
For every woman, the most intimate apparel on the body which offers ultimate comfort is a bra. For every pregnant lady choosing the right maternity bra is crucial to accommodate the growing body changes as the breast begins to become bigger and heavier. Changes in the breast size are quite common during and after the pregnancy period. By the end of the first trimester most expectant mothers usually experience increase in the breast size. Hence, this is the first signal which should be kept in mind to replace the existing bra with maternity nursing bra. There are high chances of breast to lose firmness and shape at this time, therefore choosing appropriate shaped nursing bra which is intended to give support and comfort for pregnant ladies must be considered. When you wear a specially designed breastfeeding bra, it will prevent from over stretching of the breast ligaments and tissues along with breast sagging. If you are not sure regarding the choice of maternity and nursing bra, then it is advisable to consult a bra fitter who is professional in choosing the right bra size for you. If you happen to choose any wrong fitting bra, then it may cause strain in the neck, shoulder or back. A good fitting nursing gives support and coverage adequately to the breast without the use of underwire. Most doctors will advise that you should not wear bras that have under wires because they may cause pressure on the breast tissues. This can lead to several problems, such as blocked milk ducts, discomfort and blocked milk supply. For maximum comfort and support always choose soft cup or padded bra which is easily adaptable to the changes in the breast size in comparison to bra which is underwire. Make sure you also check the fabric of the nursing bra before its purchase. Always choose nursing and maternity bras which is 100% cotton—this natural material help in reducing the body heat. Maternity and nursing bras are designed with wide size band and wide adjustable shoulder strap which provides complete support to the enlarged breast along with retaining the tones and shapes. These days, you may find maternity bras with different designs, colors and made from various fabrics to suit the needs of different ladies. The important aspect which needs to be considered while purchasing nursing and maternity bras is that these bras must offer strong support, excellent comfort and flexibility to expecting mother’s needs. One of the most discreet and easiest ways to nurse is offered by nursing bras with flaps. The bras which are designed with flaps are actually cups which can be detached from the top. You have to simply release the flap when it’s time to nurse so that the baby can be easily fed. Always purchase one nursing bra and check for its comfort prior to purchasing more than one. This may be a problem when you are ordering the breastfeeding bras from online stores; however, with good replacement policies, you can get the best one for you. Taking care of your body is essential during pregnancy, hence make sure that you buy the right maternity and nursing bras. At Xpanda Bra we provide nursing bra shop,Pregnancy clothing for breast feeding mothers which are uniquely expandable to fit the cup size. For more informations here pregnancy bras