Indulge in the Heart-throbbing capital of Ghana with Flights


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Sep 19, 2012
Situated on the southern coast – Accra is the charming capital of Ghana that possesses some beautiful beaches, exotic resorts and hotels where people are entertained by acrobats and musicians. CoCo, Mishty and Ada are some wonderful beaches in the city. A very popular African destination that not only thrills you but manages to please you at every step. The city absorbs new people in a friendly manner offering some breath-taking views, attractions, architectures and cuisines. Things to See Accra has a bundle of striking highlights, and it can acquire more than 2 days to witness everything in this city. However, a wise alternative would be to begin out with the Perpetual Flame, then travel onto the National Museum and then the neighboring crafts market. This should be followed up with a visit to the tropical gardens, Liberation Square and the Art Centre. Taking Cheap Flights to Accra helps you save your pocket letting you enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Shopping Generally speaking, there are 3 chief shopping sites in Accra. These are branded as the Osu, Makola Market and the Arts Center Market. If you are into trendy brands and luxurious items, Osu is the destination for you when you land with Flight to Accra. It is in the wealthiest district and has been industrial accordingly. The Makola Market is the people’s market and is vastly admired by people. You can find everything that you need, counting the specialty textiles that is well-known. The bazaar adjoining to the national museum is prosperous in arts and craft-based goods. You can try out this bazaar for a mixture of native prints and paintings. The market also houses shops that propose a great range of goods based in wood, leather and metal. Other well-known sites to endeavor great shopping are Suntrade at Asylum Down, Wild Gecko by Tetteh Quarshie exchange, Hakim’s at the Osu market and Herschell Gallery. Restaurants and Bars Accra cruise terminal has been reputable and renowned as one of the prime ports. It is dotted by some of the best magnificent indulgences like casinos, spas, hotels, nightclubs and restaurants. Accra’s nightlife is extremely rated and is a huge draw for tourists around the globe. The people of Accra delight themselves on their generosity, which puts the bars and cafes among the finest on the planet. Since Osu is the shopping destination for the city, you will find the top bars and restaurants located here The best at Osu are Fusion, Bassline, Champs Sports Bar, Boomerang, Chester’s Place, 7 Star, Boomerang and the Vibe Café. Spending on Cheap Flights to Accra provides you with maximum outlook into the food world. Nightlife The city features nightlife that features some western music to Afro beat and people love grooving on them. The national theater showcases some cultural concerts that are enjoyed by many. Numerous bars and clubs are active till dawn that only are rocking but also houses excellent cuisines especially for the night lovers. Other places to chill out during night time are the street-lined open markets that throng with people and tourists who love holidaying in the city with Accra Flights. Share Bookmark on Delicious Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share on Linkedin Share via MySpace Share on Orkut share via Reddit Share on identica Share with Stumblers Share on technorati Tumblr it Tweet about it Print for later Bookmark in Browser